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Discombobulated   Leave a comment

Do you like that word?  It is very descriptive, don’t you think?

Since I moved from Washington State to California I have felt this way.  I was lost, drifting, bearing-less.  Floundering.  Flailing.  Wandering aimlessly.

It took some time to feel like I fit in, to get comfortable, settled, unpacked, remodeled, oriented.  It was a gradual process.

This year, 2011, for the first time since moving, I feel  like I have gotten my feet under me and am moving forward.  To where?  Ah, now that is a question!  I don’t know  At least, I’m not sure.  Marriage?  If God wills.  A dog?  We’ll see.  More involvement in church and with friends and in volunteering?  Definitely

I’m not feeling discombobulated anymore.  I am feeling myself, whole.  I am looking forward, straining towards what is ahead, with a heart that is not only seeking its earthly partner, but a heart that also yearns to please and honor God.

Posted January 16, 2011 by Maureen in Being Single, Christian, Randomness

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