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I have been working on a scrapbooking project this week. We have about 3,000 pictures that we have taken out of photo albums my mom put together and are putting them into an acid-free environment in scrapbooks.  Not content to just put the pictures on the page with captions like my mom did, we are scrapbooking the pages as we go — enhancing them, adding do-dahs and gee-haws, funny and clever things, artistic touches —- all the things you do when you scrapbook.

The project has been on hold for two and a half years and so I have been doing marathon work on it this week since I’m off.  One other sister has been helping me this week, and all three of my sisters have contributed to the pages in the album. 

It got me thinking — can my life be reduced to a few pictures on a page, with some captions and pretty stickers and paper?  What will my nieces and nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews think when they see those pages?  “Who are these people?”  “They sure dressed funny back then”?  “This is boring”. 

Or will they, like me, when they see those pictures, have their imagination sparked?  Looking at each one closely, they try to picture what was going on at the time, what is outside the boundaries of the pictures, what came before and after the picture was taken.  Will they, like me, be thankful they can see the people who came before them, who they are related to, who perhaps they knew only a little or had only heard of?  Will they enjoy these books as much as I have enjoyed putting them together? 

School Pictures


Fun in the park page


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