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I haven’t posted in a while because this has been circling around in my brain, washing up against the walls, and circling around to the back again. 

I read things like the family in Philly who had 5 children that had no birth certificates, no immunization records, no school records.  For 10 years or so they lived in abandoned buildings with no water or electricity.  They were finally caught and the children are in foster care.  What about the children??

I think about the orphans I saw in Russia.  The mortality rate when they are mandated to leave the orphanages is very high.  Many have living relatives — they are not true orphans. Many will end up on the street, selling themselves, getting addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.  And I think: What about the children??

The child slave trade is alive and well in the world, I am immensely saddened to say.  Slaves, pornography — all with small children up to teens. No hope, futures forever scarred and ruined, childhoods gone.  Few searching for them, few helping them. Few places to turn for help.  And I think: What about the children??

I read about a pre-teen — say 11 years old — who has killed another pre-teen.  I read about a young teenager who was gang raped and many of her classmates did nothing but pass it on that someone was getting raped behind the school.  I read about teens who are passing on the abuse they themselves received from someone.  And I think: What about the children??

What can I do?  What should I do?  Can I make a difference?  The problems are so big — how can I do anything to help?  To fix it?  To make a difference?

I don’t have any answers.  I do know that God made each of those children and that He loves them. And He wants us to love them.  If you can’t make a difference to an orphan in Russia or a child slave in Thailand — make a difference in a child where you are.  Tell your children, your nieces, your nephews, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren, your godchildren — that you love them.  Mean it.  Show them.  If only one life is changed — if better decisions are made – if only one child turns from drugs and/or alcohol or addictions because they know someone out there loves them and cares for them…………….. it is worth it.  Do it.  Don’t delay. Make a difference where you can, how you can. As often as you can.  And don’t stop praying for the children.

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