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Allow me to do a bit of fancy story-telling.

On the way to work part of the highway swings by the beach. At that part of the beach, the beach curves and part of the land sticks out. There are rocks there so when the tide is out the tide pools are cool to explore. 

Now that winter is coming, the morning commute is just starting to get the light, and we get more fog.  About half the mornings lately there is a light fog hanging over the cove where the land curves.  I always think of pirates when I see that.  I imagine the pirates coming ashore in a boat, with their tall ship standing off to shore.  It is quiet and of course there is no highway there.  Just scrub and brush, deer and maybe some skunks and birds. 

In the early light it is hard to see, but you can just make out the pirates pulling the boat up the sand, and hauling a big box out of the boat.  Shouldering their shovels and pick axes, four of them haul the bound box up past the high water mark, and begin to dig. 

*Shiver*  Can you picture it?  The cold morning air, the slowly brightening sky, the fine fog hanging over the cove and water, making everything fuzzy and indistinct.  Light sounds of the surf and perhaps an early bird.  The sound of shovels in sand, and the grunts of the men as they lower the box down into the hole.

Then I come to my senses and pay attention.  After all, I’m driving in traffic and should be watching the cars, instead of looking out over a misty cove in the cool morning.


Posted November 19, 2010 by Maureen in Musings, Stories

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