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Lessons Learned as a Newlywed   Leave a comment

My husband and I had been together 3 ½ years before we got married.  I thought I knew him very well.  We had experienced a lot together in those years – good and bad.  Our relationship had gone through all kinds of changes, and weathered storms.  I knew that I knew that I knew I wanted to marry this man and be his wife the rest of our lives.  I was certain I knew him well.

And yet – after we were married I found out some things I had not known about him.

I had no idea he would make that particular sound when a heavy piece of glass got accidentally dropped on his foot.

I had no idea he was good at putting together things like a 4-shelf stand from Ikea.  Make that anything from Ikea.  He has way more patience than I in doing that stuff – and he follows the directions!

I didn’t know he got distracted so easily while unpacking.  He does not work, so he is home most of the day every day, and when I come home I am invariably faced with pieces of projects in the dining room, living room, and library.  Sometimes also down the hall.

I didn’t know he wouldn’t mind (heck – he asked me!) me rearranging his whole dresser.  Refolding clothes, reorganizing, sorting.

I didn’t know he would be so protective of me enjoying at least part of the weekend.  He actively seeks to get me to relax and not unpack or search for things or clean or organize or shop.  He wants me to be able to enjoy the weekend, after working all week.

The lessons I’ve learned from these revelations are: You are never too old to learn something new.  And – people can still surprise and even delight you even after you know them well.

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Being Used   Leave a comment

I’ve been drifting for two years.  Spinning, floating, wafting, letting currents carry me, on a flimsy raft like Tom Hanks in “Castaway”.  There have been various reasons for this, and also various reasons why I allowed myself to be adrift. 

But that has changed now.  I don’t need to be adrift anymore.  I am ready to come to shore and set off through the jungles and deserts and valleys and meadows, searching and ready for adventure and what life can bring. 

Being a Christian, my desire is to seek God, to know God, and to be used by God.  This means that I want to use the gifts and talents God has given me, to bring glory to His name.  By my thoughts and words and actions.  By talking to people about my faith.  Or just being silent.  By inviting people to church, or just finding ways to talk about my church without pressure or being intimidating. 

One of the very core, deep down things that motivates me and pulls me and allows me to continue on from day to day is ——- to help.  To make a difference by my very existence.  If you say “Can you help?” to me I will 99 times out of 100 say “Yes”.  I can’t help it.  It is part of my character, part of what drives me.  Almost everything in my life can be traced back to that — I started out by helping someone.  Or I thought I could make a difference to some one or some thing.

And so I am ready to be used by God.  To perhaps get out of my comfort zone.  Gulp.  To do things or go places or be with people who are outside my experience.  Big gulp.  I have been thinking about this and praying about it and I have been searching.  What organizations can I join?  How can I use my gifts and talents to help someone?  What do I like to do, and is there an organization that does that? 

I am already a volunteer at the local Humane Society.  I have wanted to do this since I was a teenager.  I didn’t know if I would like it, I didn’t know what it would be like when I first joined.  Would it be the same as I thought it would when I was a teenager?  It has been two months now and I really do like it.  I may only spend a little time with the animals, and I don’t get to take them out of their cages and hold them, but I know that the little time I spend makes a difference to them.  I do what I can, because I can.  Because I am able.  It may be a drop in the ocean, but you just never know what a difference a drop can make.  That is where the “make a difference” motivation coming into play.

I’m ready to be used by God.  To make a difference. To help.  Stay tuned for more volunteer stories.

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