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This morning in church one of the things the Pastor said was something like this: “I let my priorities mold my identity”.

That has been bouncing around my brain cells all day.  Have I let my priorities mold me too much?  Have I been driven by/inspired by/molded by my priorities — instead of — what?  What is the alternative?

God?  My family?  My job?  My bucket list? (if I had one)  My friends?  My goals? 

What molds me?  What are my priorities? 

I try to be careful about my priorities — what takes my time, what I spend time on.  I try to not waste too much time.  Or spend it on unimportant things.  And by unimportant I mean things like watching TV while doing nothing else, perusing blog sites or web sites for hours when I could be talking to friends or family, working on projects around the house, and etc. etc. 

I think what molds me are the day-to-day experiences since I was born.  They have molded me and formed me, for good or bad, into the basic person I am today. Not that I can’t change or grow or not break out of any mold.  Those things are entirely possible.

I think it is a constant struggle; a constant push-pull.  A balancing act, even.  Not to get molded into something that doesn’t resemble me, or the kind of person I want to be, and who I think God wants me to be.  Not to let priorities in my life get out of wack or control me too much.  It is something I am aware of and do think about. 

I wonder ……. how have priorities molded me and I am not aware of it?

Posted October 25, 2010 by Maureen in Musings

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