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I had a birthday recently, which means I’m one year further into middle age.  I made a choice a long, long time ago not to get freaked out about my age, and growing older.  Everyone gets older, each year they live.  Why fight it?  Why try to deny it?  Heck — I’ve worked hard to get this far in life; I’m going to enjoy it and embrace it.  I might not like the changes or the way I used to be able to to do some things easily and now it takes much effort — but it is what it is.  Am I right?

My boyfriend is having problems with vertigo and so I spent this past weekend cooking for him and storing the food in the fridge and freezer.  It is nice to be useful, isn’t it?  Doing something simple and, for me, fun — cooking for someone.  Now he can get nourishment with a minimum of prep and fuss.

I’m not one to make a “to do” list or a “bucket list”.  I have some things I want to do and accomplish this summer, but those things are not really “to do” things, or even “bucket list” things.  If I do them – great.  If not – well, maybe another time.  What about you?  What do you want to do/accomplish/complete this summer?

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