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It is hard not to compare ourselves to others, isn’t it?  I try to remember we are equal in God’s eyes.  I try to remember things like treating others the same way I like to be treated; trust and obey; read the Bible every day; pray.

I’ve been a born-again Christian for over 30 years now, and sometimes I think I may be getting the hang of the Christian walk – even improving!

A reporter once asked Pablo Casals, who is arguably the best cellist ever, why he continued to practice the cello 6 hours every day.  This was when Casals was in his 90’s and had been playing literally for decades.  Casals replied, “Because I think I’m making progress.”

I may be making progress.  But I keep on with my walk, despite internal and external criticisms and my own ignorance or laziness.

“… being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 1:6


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I have the gift of faith.  I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not believe in God.  It is often hard for me to explain my faith to people, to express my faith in ways that people, especially non-Christians, can understand.

I’m in the midst of reading a series by one author, and the two central characters in these stories have three kids.  Their oldest is a pretty devout Catholic, and she was explaining to her (born Jewish, now atheist) father about how she gets through the really hard times in life.  In the story, one of her good friends just had her parents murdered.

“Oh, I’m different.  I have all this support.  I have faith, I’m in a community of believers, I have all kinds of rituals and practices that would make something like that bearable…….. all this would have drove me bananas if I hadn’t had the faith.  I mean, death is not the same thing, if you do.”

The Bible says all we need is a tiny bit of faith, and God can do the rest.  Faith as small as the period at the end of this sentence.  He can do the rest.

My faith has gotten me through many things in my life.  I am so grateful for the power of God, who can do all things in me and through me, because of my faith.

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Alternatives   Leave a comment

I had a bad scare recently with a friend who wanted to commit suicide.

Now that the immediate crisis is over, I’ve had time to process and think about all the emotions that were whirling around.  My friend got to a point where they could not see — or think of — any alternatives.  They could see only one way.

I have been there before.  You spiral down into blackness until you see only one way to end the pain and difficulty — to kill yourself.  Since I accepted the Lord as my savior and king I have never again spiraled down very far.  Because God is my alternative.  God is my life line.  God is my hope.

My friend knows OF God, but has not accepted the Lord personally.  It is a struggle for my friend to find hope in anything, to believe in anything besides the intellect and strengths they have relied on always.  Thank God, God spared my friend and I am able to be there, hopefully showing the light of God’s love and grace in their lives.  Pointing out alternatives.  Praying for them that they will make that personal choice to accept God into their hearts.

I believe there are always alternatives.  I believe there is always hope in the Lord.  I hope you will also always seek and see alternatives in your life.  And choose them over death.

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When to give up a dream   Leave a comment

What was your plan or dream as a child?  Did you know what you wanted to do in life?  Did you aspire to be something, or do something?  Did you have more than one dream or plan for yourself?

Yeah — how’d that turn out for you?

For me — my life is nothing like I had ever thought it would be.  That of course does not mean I have a bad life.  It is …. just not what I had ever wanted.

I’ve had to let go of some dreams lately.  I don’t think my dreams were unrealistic or far-fetched.  But somehow, some way, I believe they were not in God’s plan for me. 

How do I know this?  Well, God did not speak audibly or in some other revelatory way reveal it to me.  But I have prayed and thought long and hard about these dreams.  And now, years later, when it would be much harder but not impossible to fulfil those dreams, I still am not close to achieving them.

Have you ever tried to help God?  You know what I mean.  You are just so sure that …… oh for instance that God would want you to have a brand new car.  You have wanted a new car, dreamed of a new car, talked about a new car, researched new cars, and you are  convinced that God wants you to have a new car.  It is His plan for you to have a new car.  So you try to buy one, and they won’t give it to you because your debt to income is too high.  You tried to ‘help’ God.

Remember when Abram was promised a child, and year after year after lonely year went by and he and Sarai did not have any children?  And so they tried to ‘help’ God by having Abram have a baby with Sarai’s slave.  And that’s just one Biblical example of how someone tried to help bring about God’s will.

Sometimes God has brought circumstances into my life where I have been in a position that I wanted and sought after.  That I felt I was fully qualified for.  That I just knew I could be good at.  And God revealed to me through a  process that the position I had sought after, climbed towards, yearned for …… was not right for me.  I don’t know if God works that way with all people, but He does with me.  Maybe it is just because I can be a slow learner, and He knows just what will work with me to reveal His will and plan for me.

One dream I have had, as far as I remember all my life, is to be married.  I truly do want to be married, and I think — I know — I will make a good wife.  That is not a dream I have let go of.  My boyfriend and I are still going strong and are totally monogamously committed to each other.  My hope and prayer is for us to continue in our relationship in marriage.  Time will tell on that dream.

I don’t trust in plans or dreams.  I trust in God, who has proven Himself faithful in my life.  His plans are for my best.  I can trust Him to know what is best and want what is best for me.  So, while it is with a sense of loss and a pang in my heart, I have let a couple of dreams slip away.  It is the right thing to do; but it does come with a sense of loss.

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Waiting for Life to Happen   Leave a comment

“I do not understand what I do.  For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.”

The Apostle Paul’s words to the church in Rome (Romans 7:15) describe me lately.  Instead of doing the plethora of things available to me…. things I like to do, need to do, should do…… I waste time.  I put things off.  I don’t do what I know I should do.

Why is that?  Why do I do that?  Is it sin, or just laziness?  Is it something deeply psychological, or just procrastination? It is like I am waiting for life to happen to do the things I ought to do.  Life is now!  Life is what happens to me every day!  I should not waste or squander or misspend the time God has given me. 

And yet, too often, I do.  I often promise myself I won’t, but then I forget.  Or just choose not to follow thru.  Which is not the kind of person I usually am.  If I am not that way with other people, why do I treat myself that way?  Then I think it is just because I am single.  If I had a husband, I wouldn’t be this way.  Would I?  Does that truly have anything to do with it?  Or am I just feeling sorry for myself?

So I continue to endeavour as best I can.  To make the most of each day.  To read the Bible, pray, and be the best kind of light and witness I can for God.  Some days I am better at that than others.

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 3:14)

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