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Lessons from a 2 year old   1 comment

I have a great-nephew that is my joy.  He is so wonderful and cuddly and special and handsome and sweet and talented and smart and clever and fun. And I’m not just saying that because I’m his great-aunt.

It has been especially fun to watch him grow.  Everything is new.  There is so much to learn and do and see, and so much I’d like to teach him or see him learn.  And he does it all his way — with his own personality and through his own eyes.  It is truly a joy and privilege to watch and be a part of.

I was thinking this week of a couple of lessons I learned from him.  Sean likes to take a bath with foam letters his Grammie bought for him.  One night I volunteered to dry Sean off and get his clothes on after his bath while his dad cleaned up the bathroom.  Sean had a letter gripped tightly in each hand – the letter “K” (his favorite) is his left and the letter “W” (his next favorite) in his right.  He was tired and a bit fussy, so his Auntie tried to cheer him up and make him laugh.

But it had been a long day and he hadn’t had a nap and it was at the end of the day….. so he gripped his letters tightly and fussed and cried a bit and would not be cheered.  I dried him off, got his diaper on, and put his footie pajamas on.  Once his feet were in I stood him up and tried to put his arms in so I could zip him all up…… but he wouldn’t let go of his letters.  I knew if he just let me put his arms quickly into the sleeves, then he could be zipped up and be dry and comfy, and he could also hold his letters again.  He knew the process of putting his arms in sleeves and was getting quite good at it.  But he refused to let go.  I had to pull – hard – to get the letter “K” out of his hand.  While he wailed and cried,  I quickly stuffed his arm through the hole and pulled his hand out the other side, immediately putting his “K” back in his hand.  He calmed down. But he immediately set off again because Auntie took the letter “W” (yanked, is more like it) out of his hand to put his other arm in the sleeve.

Finally both arms were in, both letters were once again clutched tightly, he had dry diapers on and was all zipped into his footie PJs.  He got picked up by his Auntie and given kisses and hugs.

It made me think.  What was I holding onto so tightly that I was missing out on something really good that would be good for me and make me feel better?  What am I short-sighted on, holding on to, refusing to let go; where am I stuck in my ways —- that I am missing out on something better and greater?

Another thing Sean has discovered, is if you climb up on the chair at our computer table, lean over so your face is about 1 1/2″ from the screen and say over and over “Watch a duck!”  Eventually, if you just stay leaned over and repeat that phrase over and over without stopping, the screen clears of the wallpaper or screen saver that was there,



YouTube opens, and a Donald Duck cartoon that you have already viewed 2,338 times comes on.  You settle happily, smiling, as Donald and his nephews once again go through their hijinks. 

I thought to myself: what do I do over and over, repeating, because, eventually, a result will come about that I want?  As a single lady who has been looking and dating, I have seen this in the men I meet.  They follow the same path – use the same lines – take you to the same places and send you the same flowers.  And they move from women to women to women.  Some men like that — I’ve met them.  But some are puzzled by the whole process.  Some don’t get it.  They just keep repeating the same thing over and over because SOMETIMES — now and then — they get the response they want.

God save me from repeating the same mistakes.  God forbid that I will spend time repeating the same behaviors or saying the same thing because SOMETIMES I get a response I want.  God please give me discernment and wisdom to change my behaviors and words and actions so that I can get good results right away, and not just sometimes.  Help me recognize when I am holding too tightly onto something that, if I just let it go or even loosened my grip (I can probably get it back) I will get a blessing. 

Let it be for all of us.  Amen.

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