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I have been volunteering as a teacher or assistant in Children’s Ministry at churches I attend for…. wow – 16 years.  I didn’t quite realize how long it had been until I wrote that.  One of the things I have always heard was that to be successful in children’s ministry you have to be kind of a big kid yourself. And I have never really thought of myself as a big kid.

So this week was kind of a chuckling eye opener for me.  On Wednesday nights I trade off teaching the Grade School kids with another teacher.  We finished our curriculum last week and the new one has not come in, so we had a party.   Since she’s the Children’s Minister for the church she did all the work, bless her heart.  She bought snacks and drinks and set up games for us.

I came into the Kids area and a big grin spread across my face.  Ping Pong!  I LOVE ping pong!  Corn Hole!  I LOVE corn hole!  A carpet bowling game!  I LOVE carpet bowling!  Tiny cupcakes!  Pretzels!  YEAH!!!

I wrote her the next day how much I enjoyed it.  I was just being honest and letting her know her hard work and planning had not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  She wrote back, “One of the things I love about you is that you are truly a kid at heart.”  It made me smile.  ‘Cause, I guess I did sound like a little kid in my email.  And I guess I really am a kid at heart when you get right down to it.  And since Jesus said we should all have the heart of a child, that is okay with me that I am that way.

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We remember, Jesus, what you did for us.

We remember, Jesus, the beatings and disrespect and the blood you shed for us.

We remember, Jesus, that you took our sins upon yourself.

We remember, Jesus, that you loved us so much you did that for us.  The wretched, cracked, broken, and leaky clay vessels that we are.

Thank you, Jesus.   I remember today.

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Joy and Peace to You   Leave a comment

I still get excited about Christmas.  I still get that little five-year-old feeling in my stomach that says, “Christmas is 4 days away!!!!”

I usually start thinking about Christmas – the cards I will buy, who I will send them to, the gifts I will give people – in July.  I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember.  I have a big family, and in order to be able to afford gifts for them and for my friends, I have to start buying in July.

I have always associated Joy and Peace with Christmas.  They are so entwined that I couldn’t separate them if I tried.  The joy of the shepherds.  The peace that Jesus brought.  I always gravitate towards cards with Joy on them, or a dove (peace).

This year, with all that has been going on in the world and in the US, it is a struggle to find and keep joy and peace.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of it.  So much conflict!  Sadness!  Violence!  Poverty!  I have to remind myself of the reason we celebrate Christmas, and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.  And why He did it.  Why He left his home to be with us.

So, despite what is going on in the world, I hold onto God’s peace, and God’s joy.  I try to share it with others.  I try to keep it in my heart and my actions.  I wish you joy and peace.  On Christmas, and each day of the year.

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I borrowed this picture from my church.  This is why Christmas should be celebrated, and the whole reason for it.  I wish you a blessed, peaceful Christmas time.



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I had a friend in Washington when I lived there.  She and her husband and three kids lived in a small house. The small kitchen and dining room area were in a large rectangle, with an opening out to the living room.  On her windows in the kitchen and dining room she had a valance made out of very pretty fabric – bright colors with fruit and veggies.  They added a nice accent to that area.

Once a year during her spring cleaning, she would take them down and wash them.  One time she was telling me about her cleaning, and her great surprise at seeing the valances when they were put back up.  They were so clean!  She had not realized they had gradually, over time, gotten dirty and gritty.  She had washed them as part of her spring cleaning – but she hadn’t noticed they were dirty.

I have friends who have a 3 bedroom apartment with a large covered deck.  It isn’t used much, but I was out there working on a tile project a few weekends ago. I had seen the deck and been out on it for a year and a half, so I was used to how it looked.  During the course of cutting the tile, bits and pieces of the tiles scattered and flew around where I was working, so when I was done I swept the floor of the deck.  It was covered in a layer of dirt!  I had not realized the floor was supposed to be a tan color – not the dark color (tan/black) I was used to seeing.  The deck was covered in a thick layer dirt, but no one noticed.

Does this seem a strange blog entry for Christmas??  Well, I can’t help thinking of all the people I know personally, and all the people around the world, who don’t see any special significance for this time of year.  For some it is a lonely time.  For others it is a burdensome time – parties to attend, traveling, presents to select, buy, and wrap.  For many it is stressful.  And any combination of the above and other things.  They don’t have joy; they don’t have wonder at the Savior come to earth as a baby.  They know nothing of (or don’t care) the salvation that is possible because of the birthday we celebrate on December 25th.  I can’t help thinking about those lost souls.

They don’t know they’re dead.

They don’t know they don’t need to stay dead.

They don’t know they can have salvation, forgiveness, and eternal life.

So while I do have joy and anticipation and thankfulness at this time of year – still, I can’t help thinking of all those lost souls who don’t know they are dead.  God knows them, each one.  God knows them by name and what is in their hearts and minds.   All I can do is be the best light I can, and pray for them.

I wish you joy and peace and happiness during this season.

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Interim   Leave a comment

I’m working on a relationship blog post, but until then this has been going through my mind:


Jesus Messiah

     (You are my Messiah)

Name above all names

 (There is no other name greater)

Blessed Redeemer

(Thank you for redeeming me)


(You are always with me)

The rescue for sinners

(I am not lost in my sin)

The ransom from heaven

(You paid the price for me)

Jesus Messiah; Lord of All


(Chorus from “Jesus Messiah” by Chris Tomlin)


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Through a women’s Bible study (DVD series – taught by Beth Moore) I recently got some new insight into an old familiar story and seeing Jesus in the Old Testament.  Beth Moore is a wonderful teacher and these are her insights.  If you ever get a chance to read a book or see her in person or on video – take it. 

Turn to Genesis 22.  This is the familiar story of when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac.  The son he had waited 20+ years for. The son born to him when he was 100 and Sarah his wife 90 years old. 

Verse 2: “…take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love…”  Beth says the New International Commentary puts the word “please” in the phrase “Take your son, your only son”.  The word “please” is a Hebrew word which means “I beg you”.  God was not commanding Abraham so much as he was earnestly pleading and entreating him. 

Verse 3:  “Early the next morning…”  Abraham did not waste any time.  Surprisingly, this man who had shown no hesitation in the past (see Genesis chapters 15 and 18) to question God, has no questions recorded in this story.  Not one question.  He was being asked the impossible – to kill his own son.  But he did not question.  He obeyed – even the very next morning.  Also – God tells him to take his “only” son.  But Isaac was not the only son Abraham had.  God of course knew this. 

This is where Beth says we see Jesus in this story. Thousands of years before Jesus was on the earth as a man, God saw ahead to that moment and speaks of it here in this story.  Beth says that what God meant was that God saw his only son, Jesus, being made a sacrifice. 

Now, verse 5: “…we will come back to you”.  Abraham was speaking by faith.  Turn to Hebrews 11:17-19.  Look also at Job 1:21.  Abraham was going beyond Job’s words.  The Lord does take away, but Abraham had faith that the Lord would also give back.   Just as God knew that His son would go away from His side, be killed, but would return again.

Romans 12:1 asks us to make ourselves a living sacrifice.  While it is true that the problem with a living sacrifice is that it keeps crawling off the altar to go do its own thing – still we are called, and we must try and strive.

Abraham walked all the way to Mount Moriah side-by-side with Isaac.  Isaac did not go alone.  Beth says that God walked with Jesus down the via Dolorosa.  We could not see Him, true.  But she (and I) believes that the Father was there, with His son, walking every step of the way.  Just as Abraham and Isaac walked together.

Verse 9: “He bound his son Isaac…”  How many times do you think Abraham arranged the ropes? Did his hands falter?  Did he move slowly?  Were his eyes obscured with tears? 

Verse 11: “… Abraham!  Abraham!”  In verse 1 God called his name once to get his attention and to tell him what He wanted him to do.  But when he was called to stop, Abraham was called twice.

Verse 13: “… Abraham looked up” Thickets are not tall.  Abraham must have been kneeling or prone on the ground.  Don’t you think so?  Don’t you think his legs collapsed in relief when God called him? 

God provided a substitute for Abraham – a ram – so that Isaac did not have to die.  God provided.  God saw ahead to when He would provide His own son.  He gave Abraham some spiritual insight into that during this incident – read John 8:56.

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