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Good night, good morning   Leave a comment

Like a warm blanket being pulled over shoulders,
I drove home in twilight and fog.
Tiny stars were twinkling overhead;
the fog was floating, ethereal
blurring everything, making headlights look owlish.
The quarter moon hung in the western sky
gauzy from the fog and clouds, shining brightly.
Past Christmas lights and stop lights,
I pull into the driveway, to home.

Like a blanket slowly pulling back from feet,
the morning woke slowly during my commute.
Fog blanketed the coast,
shapes and lights appearing and disappearing
in the floating white whisps.
Then over the hill – the orange sun bursting from
the retreating cloud cover.
Blue sky peeked while the clouds were
slowly drawn back.
The sun lit the hills and water,
chasing away the clouds, bringing light.
The day is starting joyfully.

Posted December 12, 2010 by Maureen in Poems

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Pirate Cove   2 comments

Allow me to do a bit of fancy story-telling.

On the way to work part of the highway swings by the beach. At that part of the beach, the beach curves and part of the land sticks out. There are rocks there so when the tide is out the tide pools are cool to explore. 

Now that winter is coming, the morning commute is just starting to get the light, and we get more fog.  About half the mornings lately there is a light fog hanging over the cove where the land curves.  I always think of pirates when I see that.  I imagine the pirates coming ashore in a boat, with their tall ship standing off to shore.  It is quiet and of course there is no highway there.  Just scrub and brush, deer and maybe some skunks and birds. 

In the early light it is hard to see, but you can just make out the pirates pulling the boat up the sand, and hauling a big box out of the boat.  Shouldering their shovels and pick axes, four of them haul the bound box up past the high water mark, and begin to dig. 

*Shiver*  Can you picture it?  The cold morning air, the slowly brightening sky, the fine fog hanging over the cove and water, making everything fuzzy and indistinct.  Light sounds of the surf and perhaps an early bird.  The sound of shovels in sand, and the grunts of the men as they lower the box down into the hole.

Then I come to my senses and pay attention.  After all, I’m driving in traffic and should be watching the cars, instead of looking out over a misty cove in the cool morning.

Posted November 19, 2010 by Maureen in Musings, Stories

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Can you see this?   Leave a comment

I live on the coast, so we have fog.  I lived inland for many years and rarely got fog, and I missed it the whole time.  I love all the different kinds of fog.  I love fog in the morning; I love fog in the evening.  I grew up with fog every day so I am used to it, and it is nice to be back to it. 

Sometimes I am inspired to write poems.  Don’t expect much!  I am not a good poet, but when one comes it usually just flows right out with few edits, and when that happens I just go with it, rather than worry too much how ‘good’ it is.  So here are two for you.  The second is a haiku, which I just started writing about a year ago.


The fog lies softly
Floating over the water
long, thin, stretched.
The hills peep from behind
the water shimmers below
The fog hovers, keeping
hills and water separate
Softly it floats
with white wisps it hovers
pleasing the eye with mystery


Grey on grey fog creeps
Concrete and mists swirl and eddy
Parking in BART today

Posted October 20, 2010 by Maureen in Poems

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Sunsets   Leave a comment

Back from being unplugged for a bit.  I drove home last night from Sacramento.  It was my first time visiting the State capital.  I’ve been through it on the freeway, but this was the first time I spent any time there.  My sister told me the city is known for having a lot of trees.  Did you know that?  I didn’t. 

I didn’t have time or inclination to explore, but what I saw was beautiful.  By 4:00pm Sunday evening the businesses around the hotel where I stayed were closed.  Hmmm…. haven’t seen that since I was in Tenessee.  It was very warm but not unbearably hot.  Monday there was a stiff breeze blowing.

On the way back…. traffic was good my way.  It was very clear – no clouds.  And we had one of our clear fall days.  No smog – you could see clear across the Bay, all the way north and south and east.  Very beautiful views of the Bay coming south on I80.  Driving across the Bay Bridge the sun was about a half hour from setting.  The sun played peek-a-boo with the high rises through downtown, bathing everything with a backlight of yellow and orange.  The Bay was smooth, so there were no wind surfers off Berkeley.

Then Highway 1, over and around and down the other side of the coastal hills, and that view from the top of the hill of the coastline with the ocean going all the way to the horizon, all the way west and north and south.  The sun had lost almost all of it’s yellow, it was lower in the sky and a big ball of red and orange.  There was light fog over the coastline.  Not the fog we so often get, rolling in via clouds, pushed by the wind, continuously pouring in, over the hills, swirling and being pushed and dissapated.

No, this was a light fog, like a fine gauze.  Once you got down off the hill it hung lightly in the air, just enough so you sometimes caught a glimpse of a reflection from a street light on it, or saw its flimsy presence over an open field.  Off went the air conditioner and on went the heater.  Off went the sunglasses.  Then, finally, pulling in the driveway.  The small crescent moon hung brightly in the sky.  A deli roast beef sandwich awaited me, as well as my furry girl Belle and my own bed, and my slippers.

It was a very nice sunset.

Posted October 12, 2010 by Maureen in Memories, Musings

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