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Blanket Bling   2 comments

My sister bought a panel to make a blanket for her grandson (my great-nephew) for his naps at day care.  She asked me to add some embroidery bling to it.  I’ve been toiling away at it all week.  Not really – embroidery is very relaxing.

I used only a few stitches.  This blanket will be used daily and washed, so the stitches had to be sturdy and stand up to wear.  I used back-stitch and a bit of satin stitch.  Some french knots for accents.  The umbrella is done in long and short.  I also used enroaching stem stitch a lot.  It looks nice, and stands up well to wear and tear.  The egg has whipped running stitch and couching stitches.  I also added accents to the pre-printed designs, such as the insect.  You may not be able to see all the details, but here is a sample of what I did.

U is for.... umbrella W is for.... watermelon


O is for... octopus and H is for... house


S is for..... sun and K is for... key


T is for.... tie and L is for.... ladder

Z is for... zipper and E is for.... egg

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Finished work…. and the next   Leave a comment

I’ve been working on this a little bit at a time for….. about 9 months. Ahhhhh — I am finally finished.  And in time for Christmas, too!  This is a cloth you put in a bread basket.  It was fun to work on, but I’m very glad I’m done with it.

Bread basket cloth


And for my next trick…… I am embroidering a Celtic animal on tie-backs for our front curtains.  I traced the animals and colored it the way I want it to look. The blue at the top is the tie-back I am doing the work on.

Tie-back work

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