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Looking…. and discerning   1 comment

This is me. Searching profiles on a free dating web site… which shall remain nameless. 

Freakin’ A this is hard!!!!  I didn’t think I was very picky, until I started exploring this web site. It has several features that I really like.  Which I won’t share since it will give the site away.  But there are lots and lots of men near me that are in my age group on this site.  Great, right?  AND there are also a lot of Christian men, who are near me, in my age group, on this site.  Even better, right?

You might think so, but nnnnooooooooooo!!  99% of the men who I have seen that live near me (with 200 miles), are Christian (I can’t tell you how I know, but you can tell from the site) and who are in my age group are ——– are you ready? ——- are looking for ladies in their 30’s. Sometimes 40’s.  I’m not making that up or exaggerating.  AAAGGGGGG!!!!!!!  Why, why, WHY is it so hard to find someone?  I look at these profiles, trying to discern if he is telling the truth, if he is making things up or embellishing.  Trying to figure out if I should gather the shreds of my courage and contact him.

And I have reached out to more than a half-dozen of those men who has listed their age range as being outside mine.  Know how many replies I got back?  Two.  Both said thanks very much and good luck on my search, or something like that.  Polite. Acknowledging my note to them.  Being a gentleman.  The rest: nada.  How rude is THAT? 

So I continue slogging through the profiles.  Screwing my eye up.  Looking at it one way.  Then the other.  Weighing.  Trying to ….. figure it out.  Sigh.