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I heard a Christian song recently, and part of the chorus went like this:

“The resurrected King is resurrecting me”

That is what I have been feeling lately.  I feel, almost, ready to perhaps start dating again.  Which is quite a revelation for me and I am still surprised by it.

The reason I’m feeling a bit like a resurrected being is that, for the first time in my life, I am living alone and I will perhaps be starting to date.  I’ll be 59 years old pretty soon, so you would think I would have experienced this already.  But no.  I had my son to raise that was living with me most of the time, up until his death.  Right after that, I spent 7 1/2 years being single and living alone, it was true, but I was not looking to date.  I was working full time, going to school part-time (and sometimes full time) and volunteering at my church.  I didn’t have time to see my girlfriends, let alone date anyone.

Then a few months after I graduated, I moved into my sister’s house.  My sister who really wasn’t happy with me dating.  Sharing a house with 3 others made it awkward to have a date over.  The other reason I feel resurrected is that, also for the first time in my life, if I date again I will be only looking for a true Godly man for a husband.  I’ve been a born-again Christian for over 30 years, but remember for most of that I was either 1) a mom or 2) not looking and not dating.  I realized I had no idea what dating a true Godly man was like.  I can’t say I have ever had a date with a true Godly man – ever – in my life.  I have no prior experience to guide me.

What a strange place to find myself in at my age!  I am moving very slowly and cautiously on this, with a lot of prayer and thought.

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I read in the “Our Daily Bread” devotional just recently the following:

Praise is the song of a soul set free

I don’t know what it is like in your church/denomination, but in the one I attend there has been a trend the past at least 10-15 years to stop singing hymns on Sunday morning.  I don’t know why that is, but I have had a chance to know several young people who have attended Christian colleges, and some of them have had a worship emphasis.  And they say they are taught not to sing hymns anymore.  Why? I don’t know!

I had a friend a long time ago tell me that their pastor told them he didn’t want hymns sung in the church because, and I quote, “They are old and slow”.  I was dumbfounded.  My jaw dropped.  A pastor said that??!!  “Old”????  The Bible is old – do we stop reading it and teaching it because it is old?  “Slow”???  Have you ever sung “I’ll fly away”?  What about “There is Power in the Blood”?  Slow? I don’t think so!

I miss singing hymns.  Don’t get me wrong – the worship at the churches I’ve attended the past 10-15 years have had good worship.  Great singing, great leadership, great instruments, great songs and choruses.  I’ve been lifted almost to heaven with some of the worship I’ve heard in church.  It isn’t that the worship is bad.  It is just lacking.  Missing something.  It has been missing hymns.

I wish we sang hymns more in church.  Here are some of my favorites.  What hymns do you like?

It is Well with my Soul

Blessed Assurance

Day by Day

How Great Thou Art

Rock of Ages

Nearer my God to Thee

Amazing Grace

Softly and Tenderly

I’ll Fly Away

Christ the Solid Rock

Holy, Holy, Holy

O the deep, deep love of Jesus

A Mighty Fortress is our God

O Worship the King

To God be the Glory

Crown Him with Many Crowns

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

Be Thou my Vision

Come Thou Font of Every Blessing

Fairest Lord Jesus

Great is Thy Faithfulness

He Lives!

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing

The Old Rugged Cross

There is Power in the Blood

Victory in Jesus

What a Day That will be

When we all get to Heaven

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

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FORGIVENESS   Leave a comment

I recently sat down and talked with one of my sisters about two things that she had said and done that really hurt me.  It was hard for me.  Our family does not share feelings among ourselves.  We were taught well by our parents not to.  We have the feelings, and I’m sure all my siblings have people in their life they can share those feelings with.  We just don’t often share them with each other.

I don’t know if I am unique in this, but when something (or someone) makes me mad or hurt, the deeper I feel hurt or mad, the longer it takes for me to be able to talk about it.  I know from past experience that I have to really think through my feelings and not start talking about them right away.  If I do, it turns into incoherent, disjointed, and non-logical emotional rambling (or even raving) that leaves everyone confused and me feeling horrible with no resolution.  I don’t stew about it – I process it.  Examine myself and my motives.  Pinpoint my feelings and why I’m feeling that way.  Think about and pray about my response.

This one sister had hurt me very deeply on Christmas day.  Yes, that means I took about 5 months to process.  Like I said – I was hurt deeply.  Once I got over the worst of my hurt and also got past the self-righteous aspect of my feelings (“She had no right!  She was in the wrong!”) I was able to spend time asking God what I could have or should have done differently, and what my response should be.  Miscommunications and hurt are very seldom only one person’s fault, and if I was in any way at fault I wanted to own that and admit it.  And I wanted to respond in a Christian way, since this sister is not a Christian.

It took me almost 5 months, but I was at the point where I could talk about it without getting all emotional and incoherent.  So I sent an email.  Probably should have made a phone call, but with an email I can be sure to put my thoughts down, reword them, change things around, and all without being interrupted.  So yes, I will often write things down in an email when I have to communicate something that is hard for me.  She responded, and then we decided to meet face to face.

I was surprised that she thought I hated her.  She was surprised that I was hurt by her response, as she thought I had different motivations than I did.  We explained to each other.  She didn’t apologize, but then I never expected her to, nor was it why I met with her.  We communicated.  We cleared the air.  We saw things from the other person’s perspective.  And I think it made a big difference in our relationship.  And, I was able to do all that in love and non-hateful way, which I believe was a good witness to her.

So I give glory to God that He was able to heal me and help me be a better person, and use an opportunity to witness my Christian walk to someone.

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Improving   Leave a comment

It is hard not to compare ourselves to others, isn’t it?  I try to remember we are equal in God’s eyes.  I try to remember things like treating others the same way I like to be treated; trust and obey; read the Bible every day; pray.

I’ve been a born-again Christian for over 30 years now, and sometimes I think I may be getting the hang of the Christian walk – even improving!

A reporter once asked Pablo Casals, who is arguably the best cellist ever, why he continued to practice the cello 6 hours every day.  This was when Casals was in his 90’s and had been playing literally for decades.  Casals replied, “Because I think I’m making progress.”

I may be making progress.  But I keep on with my walk, despite internal and external criticisms and my own ignorance or laziness.

“… being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 1:6

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Defend Your Woman   Leave a comment

I was recently turned down for a job I applied for where I work.  It was almost exactly the same job I do now, but in a different area and of course for a different person.  I was 100% qualified for it.  The manager who was to be my boss had made it clear he would like to work with me.  And I didn’t get the job.

It was actually 2 ½ months between the time I had sent in my application until I actually heard I did not get the job, and I had gone through a full gamut of emotions over the process.  By the time I was told by the manager he had hired someone else, I was resigned to the fact that I would not get the job.

I dropped quick emails to a couple of family members who had been waiting to hear how it turned out, and also to my boyfriend.  And then I got back to work.

That night, when I talked with my boyfriend on the phone, it was the usual, “Hi Honey – how are you?”  I said I was fine, or something like that, and he said, “I’m doing terrible – and I don’t know why you aren’t either”.

At first I honestly didn’t know what he was talking about.  Then he started to tell me how angry he was for me that I didn’t get the job.  He wanted me to complain to the union.  He wanted me to leave the union.  He was upset and angry that I was being treated in a way he felt wasn’t right.  He wanted me to leave and go somewhere else.  He was fed up and frustrated – all on my account.

One of the things I have learned in having an atheist boyfriend is that his reactions and opinions are sometimes different from the way I think I should act.  Or do.  And this was one of those times.  His ideas on what I should do were not unrealistic or unreasonable – in fact they were well thought out and what many people would consider well within the bounds of what I was entitled to as an employee and union member.

But I am guided always by how I think my Savior would want me to say, or act, or think.  I did listen to all my boyfriend had to say.  I loved that he was that upset for me. But I did not want to follow his suggestions, and he was ok with that.  It was after all my choice and I was the one who would be most impacted by my actions.  So, after having his say, he left it to me to make the decision.

I am blessed to have someone who feels so strongly for me, and that cares about me so much and would not hesitate to stand up for me.

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Web Sites I Enjoy   Leave a comment

For this posting I wanted to share with you some of my favorite web sites and blogs.  Some of these I visit every day; some are occasional.  Not all are Christian; some are specific to my interests and so they may not interest you.  But I hope you do find something that you will like on this list.

Cakewrecks ( )

I go into withdrawl when I don’t get to read this site every day.  Cakes that are funny / disgusting / awesome / gross / cringeworthyof all shapes and sizes combined with terrific narration.  Jen and John join good comedic fun with not-always-safe-for-work pictures of cakes that have been decorated in often hilarious and always “What were they THINKing??”ways with geekiness, movie and book quotes, and current events.  Don’t miss the comments, which are often just as hilarious and entertaining as the daily posts.

Pioneer  Woman ( )

Ree Drummond and her husband and four kids live on a ranch in Oklahoma.  But that doesn’t even begin to describe this great web site.  Ree has expanded the site, and her life, over the years.  She now has her own cooking show on cable, has published several cookbooks and children’s books, and also a book about how she fell in love with her husband.  BEST love story.  EVER. Truly – take the time to read it.  (I believe it is called “From High Heels to Tractor Wheels”)  Always funny and frequently uplifting and heart-warming.  She often has give-aways and her recipes and photos are terrific.

Epbot ( )

Jen and John from Cakewrecks “other” site.  If you like DIY, geekiness, steampunk, Disney, honesty, and/or great pictures and writing, then you’ll like this site.  Anything and everything from pictures to creating your own steampunk Christmas ornaments to buying the right bra to features that show cosplay and Jen’s own personal struggles with anxiety.  She sometimes has give-aways.  Non Christian but clean and uplifting.

Mary Corbett’s Needle and Thread (

If you are an embroidery fan like myself, you will enjoy Mary’s daily posts.  They are about not only the tools of trade for an embroiderer but also her own works in progress pictured and described (even the mistakes) as well as patterns, ideas, and give-aways.  Always enjoyable and a must if you like working with a needle.

My Parents are Crazier than Yours (

You thought your parents were bad!?  Using terrific writing skills and humor, “Myra” posts about her parents especially, but also about her dog and her struggles after being fired, dumped by her fiancée, and being kicked out of her apartment and moving back in with her parents.  Not Christian, some swearing, but when you read the series you can see “Myra’s” transformation and spiritual growth.

Hyperbole and a half ( )

How do I describe basic, child-like drawings joined with text that is always hilarious, gut-wrenching, and heart-warming – all at the same time?  Allie has her ups and downs in life and she shares them on this blog.  Not Christian, some swearing and inappropriate content.  Do go and read her earlier posts, such as “The God of Cake”, “The Party”, and “How a Fish Almost Destroyed my Childhood”, to name just a few.

Morning story and Dilbert (

A “Dilbert” comic strip heads each story.  The author uses sources from all over as well as his own experiences to bring a little bit of the creativity of God to us every day.

Astronomy picture of the day (

I don’t remember when I first went to this site or how I got there, but it has been years.  Pictures of stars, planets, and galaxies from orbiting telescopes as well as amateur photos and videos.  See the wonder of God’s creation close up, in full color.  If you are fascinated and awed by the cosmos like I am then you will like this site.  Daily posting – click on the pictures and save them for your own desktop wallpapers.

Fashion it So (

Are you a “Star Trek the Next Generation” fan?  This site dissects and discusses the fashion of a particular episode of ST:TNG in snarky fashion (pardon the pun).  There is some bad language and sexual innuendo on this site.

Live,Nerd, Repeat ( )

I’ve only been visiting this site a short while.  Basic drawings illustrate his postings.  He talks about his life, wife, and cats, and life in general using great writing and humor.  Non Christian and sometimes inappropriate content.

Wil Wheaton dot Net ( )

A recent find.  Remember Wesley Crusher from “Star Trek the Next Generation”?  Wil Wheaton is the actor who played him.  Wil honestly tells us about his struggles with anxiety and other issues, shares personal stories, and tells about his hobbies and what he is interested in.  Honest, clear writing with geekiness.  Not Christian, some swearing and inappropriate content.

And through this blog I’ve gotten connected to other Word Press bloggers.  Just a few of these I’ve listed below.  Quite a list of talented people!  Do check out these blogs when you have a chance:



Soiled Wings

Bucket List Publications





Opinionated Man





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You HAVE it – USE it!   Leave a comment

Being a middle-aged single lady and a Christian, I have heard variations on the advice “how to get married”, or “how to meet the RIGHT man” a number of times.  Almost always it will be a Christian man or woman telling the story of how they met their husband or wife, and advocating that the way it happened for them is the RIGHT way, and/or the ONLY way. 

I don’t mind getting advice.  I like hearing what other people think, and I often see things in a different light or my mind is opened to things I hadn’t considered.  I do listen with much caution, however, when people try to tell me theirs is the RIGHT way or the ONLY way to find a husband.   I know someone who repeats on a regular basis, “Oh –I’ve had four kids…. I KNOW!”  or “Oh, trust me, I’ve had four kids, and I KNOW”.  The only thing that person KNOWS is her four kids.  She does not KNOW any other kids. 

Let me tell you the true story of two single people.  The first is a young man, in his early 30’s.  For personal, business, and family reasons he lives in a small town in the mid west and has all his life.  He has been a faithful church attender and participator for years.  He really, truly, wants to get married and share his life with a woman, and yet there is no one in his church or hometown whom he has connected with and felt that God was calling them together.  His family condemns him (literally) because he is in his 30’s and not married.  They steadfastly maintain that he has hidden sin in his life, that he isn’t living the life God wants for him, because he is not married.  Though they see him daily and it is a small town so everyone knows about everyone else, they still maintain he must be a sinner because he isn’t married by now.  He has been searching on Christian dating web sites, meeting online ladies around the country, trying to find a wife.

The second single person is a middle-aged lady. She is a good Christian who is part of a good church.  She attends regularly, teaches Sunday School, and participates in other groups and activities of the church.  She prays and reads her Bible regularly.  She lives in an area of the country that, while it is heavily populated, has few truly Christian single in her age bracket.  And, there is not one single man in her church that God has lead her to.  There are fine single men, just none that are close to her age that she is interested in.  She has been searching on Christian dating web sites, meeting men from around the country, trying to find a husband.  Her family finds her strange that she searches for a husband on the internet, and her friends think she is being reckless to do so.

One aspect of Christian advice for FINDING YOUR MATE goes something like this:  If you believe that Jesus is your savior, if you read your Bible regularly and pray, if you not only attend church but participate in the teaching and ministries of the church —- well then, just sit back and wait, ‘cause God is going to send your knight in shining armor or your beautiful princess to you.  Just wait!  It will happen!

Now of course I’m using a bit of hyperbole to describe that advice I have heard in various forms over the years.  But what I don’t understand about this advice is, where in the Bible does it say that as Christians we sit passively by and wait for God to bring us our mate?  Don’t get me wrong – I agree with everything in the previous paragraph about having Jesus as your savior, reading your Bible, praying, being a member of a church and participating in that church’s ministries.  I absolutely believe every Christian should do all those things.  The part I have a problem with is the sitting and waiting.  Reallly?

I don’t believe God created us to be passive.  I don’t believe God created us to not use our arms and legs, our minds and our mouths, our gifts and our talents.  God created us with all those things and more – He wants us to USE them.  Of course as Christians we need always to use what God has given us with prayer and asking God for wisdom and discernment.  We should not be flying off here and there, trying to “help” God, or thinking we know just what God wants us to do or be —- without praying about it, and asking God for His wisdom and discernment.  God wants us to use the things He created in us and made us to be, but He wants us to do that for His glory and praise, and in His wisdom.  That, my friends, in my opinion, is the ONLY RIGHT WAY.

So, what do you think?   What would you do if one of those people I talked about was you?

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Be Careful What You Pray For   Leave a comment

Do you have a prayer list?  People you pray for regularly? 

I have a group….. well, list of people I pray for to receive Jesus as their Savior.  Men I have dated.  Family.  Friends.  Coworkers.  Many of them I’ve prayed for many years now.

Lately, I have experienced spiritual attack by those I’ve been praying for.  I don’t mean they have been under spiritual attack — I mean I have.

I am a mature Christian who has experienced spiritual attacks (directed to me and to others) before, so I can say with confidence an attack is what is going on, without going into all the details and giving explanations. 

When you pray for people — do you mean it?  It may seem a strange question, but I think it needs to be asked.  Do you really want God to answer you prayer for those people?  If so, be prepared.

When I pray for salvation I really do mean it.  I’ve had a brother die and go to hell because he wasn’t a Christian, and I really don’t want anyone else I have been praying for to go to hell.  I want them to accept Jesus as their savior.  I want them to surrender their lives to God. 

So the spiritual attacks did not surprise me.  What was a bit surprising was that I have had to fight my normal, human reaction to the attacks.  If I forget these are people I’ve been praying for, I can start to really dislike them, and resent their treatment of me.  But I do get past that and ask God to help me to love them like He does.  I try to remember to put on my spiritual armor every day, and read the Bible every day. 

So, be careful what you pray for.  You may have unexpected consequences.  But don’t stop praying, and (I can’t say this often enough) read your Bible every day!!

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Christian Dating   1 comment

When I first started dating (many, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away) I had no idea how to do it.  I was living in Washington State, away from my close girl friends, and was not close to my mom.  My sisters lived in another state, except for my little sister who was too young to advise me.  So I fumbled my way through it.

Skip ahead many years (in a different galaxy, far far away).  I started dating again, but this time I was a born-again Christian.  Much older.  Wiser?  Well, that’s debatable.  The thing is — I still had almost no clue how to go about dating.  And I truly, really, had NO idea how to date as a Christian.

So I fumbled and stumbled my way through it, getting my heart-broken and experiencing rejection after rejection.  At least, that is the way it felt.  Well, it has taken me two years, but I do believe I have learned some lessons. 

Do I have it all figured out?  Not by a long shot!  Don’t ask me for advice unless you want to hear it from someone who has life experience and knowledge but is still mostly clueless!  But I have learned to pray and seek God during and through the dating process.  And since God (praise and bless His holy name) is so much wiser and loving than I am, I am being guided and directed much better.  I am still fumbling around in the dark, so to speak, but I don’t stumble very much since I have God’s light to lead me at any time I ask it of him.  Thank you, God!!

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Priorities   Leave a comment

This morning in church one of the things the Pastor said was something like this: “I let my priorities mold my identity”.

That has been bouncing around my brain cells all day.  Have I let my priorities mold me too much?  Have I been driven by/inspired by/molded by my priorities — instead of — what?  What is the alternative?

God?  My family?  My job?  My bucket list? (if I had one)  My friends?  My goals? 

What molds me?  What are my priorities? 

I try to be careful about my priorities — what takes my time, what I spend time on.  I try to not waste too much time.  Or spend it on unimportant things.  And by unimportant I mean things like watching TV while doing nothing else, perusing blog sites or web sites for hours when I could be talking to friends or family, working on projects around the house, and etc. etc. 

I think what molds me are the day-to-day experiences since I was born.  They have molded me and formed me, for good or bad, into the basic person I am today. Not that I can’t change or grow or not break out of any mold.  Those things are entirely possible.

I think it is a constant struggle; a constant push-pull.  A balancing act, even.  Not to get molded into something that doesn’t resemble me, or the kind of person I want to be, and who I think God wants me to be.  Not to let priorities in my life get out of wack or control me too much.  It is something I am aware of and do think about. 

I wonder ……. how have priorities molded me and I am not aware of it?

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