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Valentine Update   1 comment

Just a quick update on my first Valentine’s Day in many years with a sweetheart.

I ended up buying and sending two cards; a corny one and a romantic one.  And then I also sent a free internet card.  With funny dancing penguins, since I like penguins.  He loved all the cards, and sent me a cute internet card back, and also sent one from his cat.  (And he continues to pretend that Ko-Ko sent it and not him).

He did buy a card and give it to me.  It was a very romantic card, and he had not only written a long note telling me how he felt about me, but he had also written a poem.  It is by far the most romantic, sweet, personal Valentine’s Day card I’ve ever received, and I told him so.

How was YOUR Valentine’s Day?

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My First Valentine’s Day   Leave a comment

Here it is almost February, and the first month of 2012 is almost gone.  This year will be the first time I’ve had a boyfriend at Valentine’s Day in….. well, let’s just say it has been over 25 years.  Yup, that long.

My Dad’s birthday was on February 14th, so to me that day has always been associated with a birthday party and cake, not anything romantic.  It never really bothered me if I didn’t have a date or a sweetheart for “the most romantic day of the year”.  The same is true now, even with a most wonderful man in my life.  I have already told him I don’t expect or even want flowers and/or candy. 

Being a card person, I will buy (and snail mail) 2-4 cards to him.  But…. I’m unsure if I should do anything more.  I know he doesn’t want or expect ME to send HIM flowers, and he knows I’m a card person so he expects at least one.  Should I write him a poem?  Take a picture of myself?  I was thinking of leaving little love notes around his apartment.  Is that corny?  Or is it sweet?  I haven’t quite decided what to do, but I’ll let you know. 

I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with all things that bring you warm fuzzies and tasty treats, so much so that it will overflow to others in your life.

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