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I have good days and bad days.  On my bad days I have crying spells and am sad a lot.  On my good days, while the tears are always right there behind my eyelids, I can laugh and go through life with the joy of the Lord in my heart.

Since my husband passed, I have see-sawed back and forth between good and bad days; sometimes even in the same day.  Such is grief.  It takes as long as it takes, and happens when it happens.

Sometimes something unexpected will trigger it.  Of course you never know what will trigger a grief storm.  This week I tried to cancel my husband’s cell phone.  The carrier refused to transfer the remaining balance I owed on the phone (iPhone 5s) to my account, instead saying I had to pay the full remaining amount due as soon as the phone was cancelled.  I explained the circumstances.  No sympathy.  It was in the contract I signed, and therefore I had no other recourse but to pay the full amount remaining.

I don’t know why, but this started me crying.  I guess I felt like someone had kicked me when I was down.  I was turning the phone back in – they could have it.  Why did I have to finish paying it off?  Oh no, ma’am I was told.  You can do what you like with the phone, but you have to pay what is remaining.  That was the contract you signed.  They wouldn’t even let me pay off the remaining balance a little at a time by transferring it to my account.

The person I talked to seemed (to me anyway) so gleeful and happy that they had me between a rock and a hard place. There was no other recourse; there was no other way I could handle this, except to pay the full amount.  No breaks, no mercy, no exception.  Nope – they had everything their way, and had stacked the deck fully in their favor, and so I had to pay.

Do I have to say that I don’t have that money?  So now I have to keep paying for another year until the phone is all the way paid off.  Only then can I cancel the service.  In the meantime, I will be paying twice as much as I should or could be —– all because my carrier gleefully wants every single cent of their money and they don’t give a fig that my husband has died and I don’t need or want the phone anymore.

I cried the rest of the night and into the next day. Thanks, cell phone carrier, for kicking a widow when she was already down.  Thanks for not giving her even a single little break.  Thanks for being so greedy and hard-hearted.  And yes, that was all said with dripping sarcasm.  Once the phone is paid off I am switching carriers.

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