As Well As I Can   1 comment

I’m still breathing in and out. Still going through each day.  Sometimes I can take a whole day at a time, other times I can only do half a day.  Or less.

There have been financial challenges since my husband passed.  I try not to worry about them, try not to fret, try not to carry those cares around with me and bring them to bed.  It is a struggle!  I have great faith that God will take care of me and provide for me, but I am a responsible person and believe in paying my bills, and when I am faced with a huge amount of them I feel bad that I can’t pay all of them right away.

In the meantime, God has provided an insurance policy from my union that I had no idea was even a possibility.  God has provided a check for $100 from missionary friends of mine.  They are having their own health and financial struggles, yet they sent me a check.  God has provided me a $1,000 one month reduction in rent from my property management company.  (Now if that isn’t God than I don’t know how else to explain them doing that!!)

God is watching out for this widow.  God is providing and will provide for me.  It is promised in the Bible and I believe it.  But I miss my most wonderful husband, and I am sad.  So, I am doing as well as I can, and having faith as much as I can right now.


Posted May 4, 2016 by Maureen in Christian, Married Musings

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  1. Yes, He will take care of you… We really CAN trust Him! 🙂

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