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I’ve barely gotten any sleep for three days.  I will probably be almost brain dead by the time I get home tonight, but this morning I am feeling ok since I just finished 1-1/2 cups of pretty strong coffee.

My husband is a night owl.  I am a morning person.  Most of the time we make that work for us, but sometimes his insomnia or worries or physical things going on in his body keep him awake until 4:00 am.  When he comes to bed I immediately go – PING – wide awake.  I don’t know why, that is just the way it happens.  So I’ll cuddle with him and pray for him and us, trying to get back to sleep, but while he falls asleep almost immediately I just get more and more awake.

Such are the follies of married life.  I still wouldn’t trade it for the single life.  Nope.

And, here is an embroidery I finished.  I wanted to do something to remember our wedding.  I worked a long time with my husband on the lettering and colors and border.  Changed my mind several times on various things.  Sure, some of the stitching is wonky.  I never claimed to be perfect.  But I had a really good time sewing this and I am very happy with the results.  We still have to get it matted and framed, of course.

God bless you in your day.

Finished Monogram

Posted March 2, 2016 by Maureen in Christian, Married Musings