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I remarried at 55, and from age 25 until 55 I was single.  I had dated and had boyfriends, but I hadn’t lived with a man all that time.  So one of the things I considered before getting married is if I would adjust to living with a husband again. I was a different person in many ways from when I first married at 20.  And the two men I’ve married were very different people.  Would it be enough?  Would all those factors make a difference?  I enjoyed my solitude.  Reveled in it, sometimes, truth be told.

It has been seven months now, and I can report that I am very happy living with my husband.  Oh, sometimes I feel the need for solitude, but with a 3 bedroom apartment it is possible to be by myself without leaving or being to far away from my love.  And yes, we are both flawed people so sometimes we are angry at each other or frustrated or irritated, and I want to get away by myself.  Those times don’t last long, and there are things I can do to have my own space.

One of our favorite TV shows is “Big Bang Theory”.  There was an episode where Penny, who lives across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard and is dating Leonard, has a sudden series of circumstances happen and Leonard moves in with her.  A bit later, Sheldon asks how things are going.  Leonard talks about how perfect it is and it is like a party all the time.  Penny, through clenched teeth and trying to smile, says, “Yeah.  Its like the party will never leave the apartment!”

I’m happy to say that does not apply to me.  I love being with my husband, and I am daily thankful that we found each other and are married.

Posted August 21, 2015 by Maureen in Musings

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