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* As a side note to my previous post, I am now eating something different for lunch and snack, and I’ve changed the route I take home every night.  How’s that for something new?  I’m still thinking of dying my hair red.


I’ve been looking for a new job for a year now.  I realized just today it has been a year.  Sigh.

It is a tough job market out there. There are a l-o-t of people looking for work.  The salaries are not very high and they want a lot of work for not very much money.

Because they can.  There are so many people looking for a job employers can find someone who will take a job for $15 an hour when the employer should really (based on the job duties) be giving $20-$22 an hour.

However, as I keep reminding myself: I am blessed.  I have a job.  It may be one I want to leave for various reasons, but it is good steady work with good benefits.  I would not have gotten the job without God’s help, and I am thankful for it.

So while I am discouraged with my job search, I carry on.  Meanwhile, I do the best I can at my job and ask God’s guidance for leading me to a new job.

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Have you ever wanted a change?  Wanted to shake things up, try something new, disrupt your routine, expand your horizons?

I have.  I do.  The feeling comes on me suddenly and persists until I do something.  Perhaps it is that springtime is around the corner?  Shake off the cold and dark of winter and welcome in new flowers, growth, and more light?  Or is it triggered by the Lent season?

I’m not sure what is causing the feeling, but I have learned that when I get that deep itch to do something different, I need to answer it.  For this year’s itch I haven’t figured out what, exactly, to do.  I’ve been praying a lot about to be used by God and have striven to make myself available for what His will is and where it will lead me.  Is that the change?  Or should I just paint my bedroom a different color?

What about you?  Do you ever change things up in your life, or yourself? 


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