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Lately I’ve been having a lot of problems with a co-worker.  We have a unique seating arrangement, no one else at work has a setup like we do.  We basically sit in each other’s back pocket and can hear and see everything that goes on during the day.  Everything.  (And I am sorry to say there is no hope for our seating arrangement to change.)

Yeah.  With that, and having very different personalities and outlooks on life…. it has led to conflict.  While I am far from perfect and have my faults and, well, shall we say – quirks – my co-worker is very self-centric and extremely defensive when talked to about anything that she is doing/saying.  Which makes it very hard to gain any understanding or empathy, or to even just have a conversation about a situation that has caused me stress.

My boss finally got fed up with the whole thing and has asked a mediator to mediate between my co-worker and myself.  Our employer pays for it and we can take time off from work with pay to meet with her.  I have been working full-time in business offices since I was 17 (I’ll give you hint: that was many many years ago.  Like, more than 30.) and I have never ever had a situation with a co-worker reach these proportions.

It is affecting my health and prayer life, and certainly my attitude.  I am proceeding through the mediation process, with no hope whatsoever that anything will change at work.  Our first joint meeting is next week.  I’ll keep you posted on how things go.

In the meantime, I am struggling to maintain my prayer life and usual cheerful outlook.  All I can do is speak the truth in love, right?

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