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For this posting I wanted to share with you some of my favorite web sites and blogs.  Some of these I visit every day; some are occasional.  Not all are Christian; some are specific to my interests and so they may not interest you.  But I hope you do find something that you will like on this list.

Cakewrecks (www.cakewrecks.squarespace.com )

I go into withdrawl when I don’t get to read this site every day.  Cakes that are funny / disgusting / awesome / gross / cringeworthyof all shapes and sizes combined with terrific narration.  Jen and John join good comedic fun with not-always-safe-for-work pictures of cakes that have been decorated in often hilarious and always “What were they THINKing??”ways with geekiness, movie and book quotes, and current events.  Don’t miss the comments, which are often just as hilarious and entertaining as the daily posts.

Pioneer  Woman (www.thepioneerwoman.com )

Ree Drummond and her husband and four kids live on a ranch in Oklahoma.  But that doesn’t even begin to describe this great web site.  Ree has expanded the site, and her life, over the years.  She now has her own cooking show on cable, has published several cookbooks and children’s books, and also a book about how she fell in love with her husband.  BEST love story.  EVER. Truly – take the time to read it.  (I believe it is called “From High Heels to Tractor Wheels”)  Always funny and frequently uplifting and heart-warming.  She often has give-aways and her recipes and photos are terrific.

Epbot (www.epbot.com )

Jen and John from Cakewrecks “other” site.  If you like DIY, geekiness, steampunk, Disney, honesty, and/or great pictures and writing, then you’ll like this site.  Anything and everything from pictures to creating your own steampunk Christmas ornaments to buying the right bra to features that show cosplay and Jen’s own personal struggles with anxiety.  She sometimes has give-aways.  Non Christian but clean and uplifting.

Mary Corbett’s Needle and Thread (www.needlenthread.com)

If you are an embroidery fan like myself, you will enjoy Mary’s daily posts.  They are about not only the tools of trade for an embroiderer but also her own works in progress pictured and described (even the mistakes) as well as patterns, ideas, and give-aways.  Always enjoyable and a must if you like working with a needle.

My Parents are Crazier than Yours (http://myparentsarecrazierthanyours.com)

You thought your parents were bad!?  Using terrific writing skills and humor, “Myra” posts about her parents especially, but also about her dog and her struggles after being fired, dumped by her fiancée, and being kicked out of her apartment and moving back in with her parents.  Not Christian, some swearing, but when you read the series you can see “Myra’s” transformation and spiritual growth.

Hyperbole and a half (www.hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com )

How do I describe basic, child-like drawings joined with text that is always hilarious, gut-wrenching, and heart-warming – all at the same time?  Allie has her ups and downs in life and she shares them on this blog.  Not Christian, some swearing and inappropriate content.  Do go and read her earlier posts, such as “The God of Cake”, “The Party”, and “How a Fish Almost Destroyed my Childhood”, to name just a few.

Morning story and Dilbert (http://morningstoryanddilbert.wordpress.com/)

A “Dilbert” comic strip heads each story.  The author uses sources from all over as well as his own experiences to bring a little bit of the creativity of God to us every day.

Astronomy picture of the day (http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html)

I don’t remember when I first went to this site or how I got there, but it has been years.  Pictures of stars, planets, and galaxies from orbiting telescopes as well as amateur photos and videos.  See the wonder of God’s creation close up, in full color.  If you are fascinated and awed by the cosmos like I am then you will like this site.  Daily posting – click on the pictures and save them for your own desktop wallpapers.

Fashion it So (http://sttngfashion.tumblr.com/)

Are you a “Star Trek the Next Generation” fan?  This site dissects and discusses the fashion of a particular episode of ST:TNG in snarky fashion (pardon the pun).  There is some bad language and sexual innuendo on this site.

Live,Nerd, Repeat (http://livenerddierepeat.wordpress.com/ )

I’ve only been visiting this site a short while.  Basic drawings illustrate his postings.  He talks about his life, wife, and cats, and life in general using great writing and humor.  Non Christian and sometimes inappropriate content.

Wil Wheaton dot Net (www.wilwheaton.net )

A recent find.  Remember Wesley Crusher from “Star Trek the Next Generation”?  Wil Wheaton is the actor who played him.  Wil honestly tells us about his struggles with anxiety and other issues, shares personal stories, and tells about his hobbies and what he is interested in.  Honest, clear writing with geekiness.  Not Christian, some swearing and inappropriate content.

And through this blog I’ve gotten connected to other Word Press bloggers.  Just a few of these I’ve listed below.  Quite a list of talented people!  Do check out these blogs when you have a chance:



Soiled Wings

Bucket List Publications





Opinionated Man





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