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What would you do if you had met the man of your dreams…. but there was just one thing that made you hesitate?  Or second guess yourself?  Or give you pause?

For instance, what if you met a man (talking men here, since I’m a lady, but the same thing applies to women) who, as you got to know him more and more after dating several months, turned out to be the kind of man you had dreamed about and prayed for and who seemed to match you perfectly.  Terrific, right?  Except….. there was just one thing about him.  Just one, really. 

Not that he was perfect.  Oh, he had his faults and shortcomings.  But then, so do you.  No, the non-perfect things about him were nothing that would be deal breakers.  But….. that one thing.

What would that one thing be for you?

That he ate with his mouth open?

That you couldn’t stand his grown kids?

That his family was a horrible mix of dysfunction, addiction, alcoholism, and incarceration?  AND they lived nearby?

That he sometimes skipped church on Sunday for other things?

That he only bathed twice a week?

That he was unemployed and living on Assistance and Welfare?

That he wanted badly to move to (fill in the blank) but you really did not want to live there?

That he didn’t handle his money well?

That he was not a born-again Christian?

That his health was not good, and was sure to get worse?

That he was a really bad driver?

That your family and friends all liked him…. except for that one thing?

And let us assume that the one thing we are talking about is something that, while possible to change (or improve, or remove) there was very little chance it would ever do so.  Especially since we are talking about a middle-aged man (since I’m a middle-aged woman we will assume that).  Then what?

What would you do?  What is your one thing?


Posted January 14, 2013 by Maureen in Being Single, Musings

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