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Here are two somethings for your viewing pleasure.  The first is my cat, Belle, asleep on the bed next to me.  She was so trusting, so calm, so peaceful.  She had curled up and then contorted until she was folded in half.  And she was sleeping so soundly in that position that she didn’t even stir when I took the picture, where usually she starts and looks at me as if to say, “What?  Huh?  What was that?”  She’s an example to me of relaxing totally.

The second is a picture of one of the artichoke plants in the backyard that has gone to flower.  I hope these pictures bring a smile to your face.



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I’ve been overwhelmed lately.  Dare I say intermittently overwhelmed?  Sounds like an oxymoron, but that is what best describes how I’ve been feeling.

I have three friends who are feeling very down and low.  For good reasons (health, employment, love life, etc.) they are feeling depressed and without hope.  All three have been sharing their struggles with me, for which I am thankful.  I am grateful to be in a place where I can shine God’s light in someone’s life and be an encouragement to them.

And I have other friends that I am not as close with who also share some of their problems/burdens with me.  I ended up writing to a pastor friend who has a degree in counseling, asking his advice on how I could help my friends.  I don’t know how to handle someone who is this close to committing suicide!  I feel totally inadequate to the task.

He gave me some good advice and some lessons he has shared with people, using the Bible as a guide.  One friend is not a Christian and so he would not listen to or follow points from the lessons, but the other advice my pastor friend gave me was to take time to pray and ask God for refreshing when I have been talking with any of my hurting friends.  And this has helped a lot.  I am able to center on my Rock, I am able to be filled with peace, even with joy.

Thanks be to God for his love and faithfulness!  I hope and pray you can be a light and encouragement to someone today.

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