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Be Careful What You Pray For   Leave a comment

Do you have a prayer list?  People you pray for regularly? 

I have a group….. well, list of people I pray for to receive Jesus as their Savior.  Men I have dated.  Family.  Friends.  Coworkers.  Many of them I’ve prayed for many years now.

Lately, I have experienced spiritual attack by those I’ve been praying for.  I don’t mean they have been under spiritual attack — I mean I have.

I am a mature Christian who has experienced spiritual attacks (directed to me and to others) before, so I can say with confidence an attack is what is going on, without going into all the details and giving explanations. 

When you pray for people — do you mean it?  It may seem a strange question, but I think it needs to be asked.  Do you really want God to answer you prayer for those people?  If so, be prepared.

When I pray for salvation I really do mean it.  I’ve had a brother die and go to hell because he wasn’t a Christian, and I really don’t want anyone else I have been praying for to go to hell.  I want them to accept Jesus as their savior.  I want them to surrender their lives to God. 

So the spiritual attacks did not surprise me.  What was a bit surprising was that I have had to fight my normal, human reaction to the attacks.  If I forget these are people I’ve been praying for, I can start to really dislike them, and resent their treatment of me.  But I do get past that and ask God to help me to love them like He does.  I try to remember to put on my spiritual armor every day, and read the Bible every day. 

So, be careful what you pray for.  You may have unexpected consequences.  But don’t stop praying, and (I can’t say this often enough) read your Bible every day!!

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