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I had a bad scare recently with a friend who wanted to commit suicide.

Now that the immediate crisis is over, I’ve had time to process and think about all the emotions that were whirling around.  My friend got to a point where they could not see — or think of — any alternatives.  They could see only one way.

I have been there before.  You spiral down into blackness until you see only one way to end the pain and difficulty — to kill yourself.  Since I accepted the Lord as my savior and king I have never again spiraled down very far.  Because God is my alternative.  God is my life line.  God is my hope.

My friend knows OF God, but has not accepted the Lord personally.  It is a struggle for my friend to find hope in anything, to believe in anything besides the intellect and strengths they have relied on always.  Thank God, God spared my friend and I am able to be there, hopefully showing the light of God’s love and grace in their lives.  Pointing out alternatives.  Praying for them that they will make that personal choice to accept God into their hearts.

I believe there are always alternatives.  I believe there is always hope in the Lord.  I hope you will also always seek and see alternatives in your life.  And choose them over death.

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