Valentine Update   1 comment

Just a quick update on my first Valentine’s Day in many years with a sweetheart.

I ended up buying and sending two cards; a corny one and a romantic one.  And then I also sent a free internet card.  With funny dancing penguins, since I like penguins.  He loved all the cards, and sent me a cute internet card back, and also sent one from his cat.  (And he continues to pretend that Ko-Ko sent it and not him).

He did buy a card and give it to me.  It was a very romantic card, and he had not only written a long note telling me how he felt about me, but he had also written a poem.  It is by far the most romantic, sweet, personal Valentine’s Day card I’ve ever received, and I told him so.

How was YOUR Valentine’s Day?


Posted February 21, 2012 by Maureen in Being Single, Musings

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  1. I love it, thanks

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