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Valentine Update   1 comment

Just a quick update on my first Valentine’s Day in many years with a sweetheart.

I ended up buying and sending two cards; a corny one and a romantic one.  And then I also sent a free internet card.  With funny dancing penguins, since I like penguins.  He loved all the cards, and sent me a cute internet card back, and also sent one from his cat.  (And he continues to pretend that Ko-Ko sent it and not him).

He did buy a card and give it to me.  It was a very romantic card, and he had not only written a long note telling me how he felt about me, but he had also written a poem.  It is by far the most romantic, sweet, personal Valentine’s Day card I’ve ever received, and I told him so.

How was YOUR Valentine’s Day?

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Apron   Leave a comment

I have an apron I’ve used for years that someone bought for me.  It has a big and a pocket and blue ruffles around it.  The last time I washed it there was something red in the wash, and my white and blue apron turned pink all over.

So, I looked online for a restaurant-style apron, thinking I’d embroider designs on it.  After many months of thinking about it and trying to decide what to do while I worked on other projects, I finally decided to use fabric pens to put designs on it.  It is a double-pocket all white apron with long ties and an adjustable collar.  Very nice, very comfortable, and it cost me I think $8.  I did one of my doodle designs around the top border, and put some of my favorite things (penguin, celtic cross, and forget-me-not flowers) on other parts of it.

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