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Merry Christmas   1 comment

I love Christmastime.  Even during the darkest periods of my life, I still loved the real message and meaning of Christmas.  Jesus, the son of God, left his throne to come to earth as a little baby.  Amazing. Wonderful.  Awesome.  At church on Sunday the Pastor had one of those Aha! moments and said during his sermon, “When the angels came to the shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus and they sang a song that the shepherds heard — do you think that was the world’s first surround-sound flash mob?” 

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Not only do I have a special wonderful man in my life, but I have a job and my health.  I have a car that’s paid off and runs well.  I have a cat who is healthy and a blessing.  This blog has been a good outlet for me, and people have responded.  I have had less readers since my special man has been in my life and my blogs are more about him than about me hand-wringing and moaning about the trials and travails of being single.  But that’s ok too.  Relationships grow and change, and I believe blogs need to do that too.  Our lives don’t stay the same all the time, so why should blogs?

Last week I was asked to apply for an internal job.  I hadn’t considered it at first, but applied because I was encouraged to.  And I’ve been talking about it with my honey and family since, and asking God if this was what He wanted for me.  I didn’t want to jump on it just because it was something I could do and was more money.  I’m very happy at the job I’m at now.  But now that a week has gone by and I have been praying and thinking and talking about it, I realize it is a job that is really made for me.  And it is $3-5 more an hour than what I make now.  I shouldn’t question God about whether this is right anymore.  I should just go to my interview today and do my best, and leave it in God’s hands.

Thank you for joining me on my journey of being a middle-aged single lady.  Bless you through this Christmas season.  I pray that God’s love and faithfulness will be real to each of you.

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‘Tis the Season   Leave a comment

Ah, December.  That time of year when the weather is colder, everyone looks back on the previous year, we pick which holiday parties we are going to, and I gain 10 pounds.

It’s the Christmas cookies.  I am a cookie monster from my early childhood, and Christmas cookies are the best!  And the pie.  Can’t forget the pie.  Oh, and eggnog lattes at Starbucks.  With a pumpkin scone, ‘natch!  December is a time when I spend too much, eat too much, and when January rolls around I always face the consequences of my high credit card bill and tight clothes.

Each year it is the same.  Except for this one thing:  this year I have a sweetheart.  It will be my first Christmas with my honey.  Since he calls himself an atheist and was raised Jewish the whole Christmas thing is almost nulled, but still — we will be together during “The Holidays” – that all important time of the year.  We sailed easily through Thanksgiving and I have no doubt Christmas will be the same.

‘Tis the season.  And this season, I will have a very special someone to be with.  And for that I’m thankful.

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