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Now that I am in a relationship, I’ve found the pace, ebb, and flow of my life has changed.  Not really in uncomfortable ways, but definitely different.

Because I choose to spend as much time on the weekend as I can with him, I am doing my grocery shopping Sunday afternoons.  Sunday afternoons are one of the wastelands in a grocery store.  Everything has been picked over by the Saturday shoppers, and those shoppers that are in the store seem to be there because they didn’t have time on Saturday, don’t have time on Sunday, but must complete their shopping before moving on to the next thing in their busy lives.  The store doesn’t have what I want/need, it is crowded, and the shoppers are rushed and harried.  I hate shopping on Sunday afternoons. 

I don’t have Saturday mornings to spend cleaning and laundry and doing yard work.  Instead, I have to squeeze in my laundry Thursday mornings (which fits in with my housemates laundry schedule).  I clean during the week after work.  And I do yard work when I can and weather permitting.  I hate doing my laundry in a hurry, quickly folding and putting things away before hurrying off to work.  I hate cleaning the house after work, or squeezing it in quickly on Sunday afternoons.  And I like to take my time and enjoy the yard work; not have to feel like I have to hurry up and do it because I have to hurry up and do something else.

I make these changes in my life because of the choices I make in spending time with my boyfriend.  And honestly, I am enjoying spending time with him so much I don’t mind cramming so much in on Sundays, or changing when I get a pedicure or do my laundry or the bathroom cleaning schedule.  Because he is worth it.  And when I’m with him, I’m happy. When I’m not, I count the minutes until I am.  So a few changes in my schedule, some inconvenience, some rearranging …… all that I will gladly do.

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