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I have been “putting myself out there” the last two weeks.  Does anyone still use that phrase?  Almost every day, I have been sending at least one and sometimes up to three emails to men whose profiles I like on the two dating web sites I’m part of.  Bold.  Nervy even.  Desperate?

I read a post recently by a Christian man on a bulletin board on one of the web sites that encouraged those who really did want to get married — to reach out more.  To be a bit more assertive in their search and not just sit behind their keyboards, looking and waiting.  So, with daily prayer and seeking, that is what I have been doing.  And you know, aside from the silence from my emails and a few rejections…….. it hasn’t been a bad experience.  I feel positive that I am taking action.  The amount of prayer I’ve been doing around the dating/finding a husband thing has increased, and I feel that God has been blessing my search.  Not with, you know, an actual husband yet — but blessing nevertheless.

I was reminded this morning that the last three semi-serious relationships I was in all started around the Fourth of July. Which is coming in just over a month.  Hmmm…. makes a girl wonder if there is perhaps a desperate man out there, seeking for his other half.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Hello:
    I just stopped by trying to rest from my writing. I appreciate non-fictional blogs with emotion. (As mine is filled with fiction)I enjoyed this article. I hope your love will develop with another. I sense a great compassion in you.

    lovely post

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