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Last week wasn’t so good for me.  I struggled with various things, I had a lingering cough from a cold, I missed my great-nephew, etc. etc.  And I had a problem with self-talk.  You know what I mean: “You’re stupid!”  “You are a failure!”  “Can’t you do anything right?”

Those things we say to ourselves.  We flail ourselves, verbally cutting ourselves down, berating ourselves about shortcomings (or perceived shortcomings).  Using the “always” and “never” phrases like: “You’ll NEVER get married!”  “You’ll ALWAYS be alone!”  At the same time that was going on, like another track on a record, I felt the Lord saying things like “You are my beloved child” and “That is a lie from the pit of hell” and “Don’t worry my precious daughter.  I will take care of you” 

Why is it easier to listen to the bad things rather than believe the good things?  Why do the bad things seem to stick with us longer?  Why is that??  Well, as I usually do when I have a bad spiral of self-talk, I tried to help others and encourage others this week.  A friend of mine was passing the third year after his wife died this past week, and I knew he was having a bit of a hard time. I emailed him a couple of times, and emailed again on the day of the anniversary.  The next day I got an email reply. I had not said anything about my own struggles.  I had not repeated my self-talk to anyone.  And yet, in the midst of his email, was this:

So anytime Satan says something – that’s a lie. What you do is this you grab him by the back of the neck and throw him to the floor and say, “Satan – get behind me I’m sick and tired of your lies!”

Ha!  Isn’t that great?!  Isn’t that wonderful?!  This is a friend who has never talked to me like that before.  I believe he was giving me words from God — words I needed to hear.  Just when I needed to hear them.  I am trying hard to hear and believe the good things God is telling me, and not stay caught in the sucking vortex of bad self-talk.

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  1. It is my opinion that a reasonable antagonistic reflection proves helpful with events of this nature – considering the inverse world of opposites appear to be hard at play here… After all, a good friend is a good mirror…

    So I must ask: are all [perceived] internal compliments held to be just as invalid as their dark/sinister counterparts? The human mind will tend to believe (remember/recall) fragments of memory – based primarily on what it chooses to believe. Therefore, I must pose the question: Do you not love yourself? Do you not believe in you? Have you not the energy to realize that the choice is and always has been within you? If not, you must wake up…Now…

    If this “energy being” is able to host on your negative energy for it’s sustenance, I would have to assume it is equally possible for you to do the very same thing right back. NEVER let yourself give up ANYTHING to this fire-eyed apparition. The truth is, you both are relying on each other as a source of energy. But you already knew that. It’s a sort of symbiosis that’s been forged in your past. That’s what happens when you touch it! Try to remember. Circles are such a waste.

    Never again fear. The situation is clear: loving yourself, is what the beings flush out. For on darkness they thrive… So look to the sky, holding light close to eye, until clocks slowly chime, to a near-endless grind. You must expand your awareness – a technique that in all honest fairness: Is the only way to win, against the ones you’ve let in. It’s what you must do, to navigate through. Don’t give in to their whim. This battle you can win.

    I wish you the best of luck 😉

    Peace and Love!

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