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So right now I am in three long-distance online relationships.  Actually, the word “relationship” is to be used loosely here to describe what is going on.  I basically have three men I know who I am friendly with. There is no romance with any of them.  Nothing hot and heavy.  Nothing explicit (which is quite fine with me), nothing concrete (as in: “Reserve that chapel, honey!  I want to marry you on the 14th!”) 

All three men are different, I met them at different times, my level of friendship is different with each one, and they all live in different states.  Also, there is no possibility that in the near future (i.e. within a month.  Or even two) we will actually see each other face to face.  Zero to slim chance we will be in the same zip code/area code/time zone./occupy the same space-time continuum. 

SHEESH!  Snails move faster than these ‘relationships’ I’m in!

Posted February 21, 2011 by Maureen in Being Single, Musings

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4 responses to “Snails go Faster

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  1. Do you belong to a church? Are there any places you can go that will have healthy men to meet?

    • Thank you for responding to my post! Yes, I do belong to a church. I don’t go there to meet men, and while I have met women I have not met anyone except their husbands. There is not any place I have found near where I can meet Christian men. But, the search continues. Thanks again for writing, and I also liked your posts on your own blog.

      • You are very welcomed. I wasn’t thinking you went there to meet men, but I figured there may be men there that would want to meet you! It’s not like if someone sets out going to church just to meet a good man, God can’t capture their heart instead. As long as they meet Jesus, I don’t care how or what go them going.
        But any way, there are many other places like; home fellowships, married people’s friends and single relatives, ministry events, other church revivals, etc. Or, you could just be walking in the park one day and meet an awesome man!
        The point I’m trying to make is, put yourself out there to be seen and never give up!!!!!!!!
        On line is iffy, (not saying it can’t happen). But it’s so many men preying and cheating, I just don’t know. Also, you said you were not willing to relocate, soooo.
        Ok, thats all for now I guess.

      • So far I haven’t met anyone who has been interested in me. I will rellocate within California, but not outside. I just want to make sure my search is honoring to God. Thanks for your comments.

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