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Snails go Faster   4 comments

So right now I am in three long-distance online relationships.  Actually, the word “relationship” is to be used loosely here to describe what is going on.  I basically have three men I know who I am friendly with. There is no romance with any of them.  Nothing hot and heavy.  Nothing explicit (which is quite fine with me), nothing concrete (as in: “Reserve that chapel, honey!  I want to marry you on the 14th!”) 

All three men are different, I met them at different times, my level of friendship is different with each one, and they all live in different states.  Also, there is no possibility that in the near future (i.e. within a month.  Or even two) we will actually see each other face to face.  Zero to slim chance we will be in the same zip code/area code/time zone./occupy the same space-time continuum. 

SHEESH!  Snails move faster than these ‘relationships’ I’m in!

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Memory Lane   Leave a comment

I recently received my High School yearbook, which had been missing for 30+ years.  It’s a long story, but I believe my former husband ditched it, with some other personal things, then denied doing so.  I gave up hope of ever seeing it again long, long ago.  But it found its way back.

And I’ve been walkin’ down memory lane.  Looking at old photographs.  (My!  We were certainly young then!)  Looking again at boys I had been attracted to.  Ok, I had terrible crushes on.  I still think they are cute!

And I’ve enjoyed reading what people wrote in this book.  I had forgotten how funny some of these folks were.  And how sweet and kind.  “I sure am going to miss you”  “To a really sweet person” “Glad I met you three years ago because you are a very sweet person”  “You’re a great friend and will be missed a lot!!”  “You are one of my best friends and I’ll never forget you”  “You’re an outstanding person”.

Overall, I really had some good memories from High School.  I wish I had tried harder in all my classes, but since I made up for that later on when I went to college I guess it all evened out.  I feel very fortunate to have gotten this book back, and also to know that I can look back on my High School days with fondness and good memories.

And no, I am not about to post a picture of me from back then!

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All I ever get are friends   3 comments

I’ve been trying the online dating thing for three years now.  I’ve had mixed experiences.  Mostly bad.  A few really bad.  Some weird.  Scammers.  Lots of scammers.  I’ve learned quite a lot about myself, and about dating.  My heart’s desire has been to get married again.  Not a hard thing to do on the surface, but in actuality….. very hard.  At least for me.  If I had been willing to compromise my integrity and faith….. well, my – I could have been married many times over.  It is not hard to meet men online.  It is meeting and being compatible with the right man that I have been unable to do.  I know myself well enough to know what would work best for me.  And I wasn’t willing to compromise on that.

So I have searched, and gotten shot down again and again.  Yes, I did my share of shooting down.  And since this year (2011) seems to be my year of getting back in gear, stepping up the pace, getting back in the groove, doing more ministry again —— I find, looking back, that what I got from the last three years of dating were……………. friends.

Not that there is anything wrong with friends.  But remember the goal was to find a husband.  I have had four brothers and two brothers-in-law — I don’t really need another man in my life that I think of in brotherly terms.  And yet, that is what God keeps bringing into my life over and over and over.  I may be slow, but I’m not stupid.

I seem to make a good friend.  A pal.  A good listener.  I give encouragement and provide laughs and give insight into the female mind.  I just don’t seem to be good enough that anyone wants me for a wife.  I don’t know what it is I lack.  No one has been able to tell me, and God has not revealed it to me.  But there is something about me that invites people to be friends with me, and then leave me behind when they get married and start their new life.  It has happened, literally, too many times for me to count.

So, soon, I’m going to leave the search for a husband.  Unless something drastic happens I will be calling it quits.  Hmmm…. might need to change the name of this blog, eh?

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