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I’ve read the entire Bible through —– I don’t know how many times.  I don’t keep count.  One of the things I noticed was the writers do not write as you would write a novel.  They often leave descriptions out, conversations out, details out.  And so, in my imagination and fancy, I will sometimes “fill in” what I perceive to be missing pieces of the story.  And that is the Gospel according to me.

For example:  In Exodus chapter 14 we read about the how the Israelite people left Egypt and crossed by dry land through the Red Sea.  Terrific story!  Lots of drama, suspense, etc.  But there were some details left out, and here is where my imagination takes over.

When I read that story, I see many hundreds of thousands of people scurrying through two walls of water.  Yes — high walls.  Of water.  Fantastic, don’t you think?  Except the people aren’t paying too much attention because they are frightened and anxious and in a hurry.  They are clutching their belongings and their loved ones.  You can hear the creak of the wheels on the wagons as they move over the dry ground.  The animals are making noises.  Babies are crying.  Mothers are shushing their children, scolding them to walk faster.  The men are urging the animals forward.  The adults are darting glances and looks into the walls of water on either side of them as they move as fast as they can to reach the other side.

And in my mind I see: a little boy, about 6 or so.  He has no worries, no concerns.  He does not pay attention to the pillar of fire and cloud, nor does he think about the Egyptians bearing down on them or the fact he will have to eat bread without yeast in it because there was no time to add it before they left.  He is barefoot, carefree.  He is delighted with the walls of water.  As a child born and raised in Egypt he has never seen so much water before.  Delighted with this new thing, he has his arm outstretched, fingers just touching the water, running beside it, giggling and laughing, as his fingers get wet and make splashes.  The adults call to him, scolding, trying to catch him.  But he runs, laughing, splashing; and other children immediately see the fun in that and join in with him so that soon there is a whole line of children with their arms outstretched, fingers in the water, running over the dry ground, towards the Promised Land.

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  1. I love your description of the boy…so innocent and not bothered by any even…no matter how important or earth shattering
    Lovely descriptions

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