Contemplating Joy   3 comments

“Christmas is a season of joy, for it was birthed in joy.” 

How can we have joy?  How can we seek it, grab hold of it, hold onto it?  Almost everyone has had joy in their lives at some point.  Woe to the person who hasn’t!  How awful to think about that. 

The thing about joy that is different from other emotions is that you can’t force it.  You can’t work toward it to bring it up and experience it.  Joy comes from outside yourself. I believe it comes from God as a gift.  And I believe it is a response to our relationship with God.

Even those who don’t believe in God can be joyful when they hold a little baby.  Or get licked by a dog or cat.  Or enjoy the beautiful night sky.  God can (and does) give them that gift even if they don’t acknowledge or are even aware that it is God they are rejoicing in.

Rejoice.  Re — joy.  I like it.  Nice word.  I wish you joy.  I wish you the peace that passes understanding, and deep joy that radiates out from you to others.


Posted December 14, 2010 by Maureen in Christian, Musings

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3 responses to “Contemplating Joy

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  1. There is a joy which defies defining. (curious…… defy, define…… anyway) By the Grace of God, I now Know I am saved. I used to do my religious duty and found it sour and empty. But He has allowed that my soul’s ears become unclogged. In this walk I have that elusive joy that I heard the saints speak of. Indeed, I wish all men and women this joy. It goes far beyond anything we can hold, see, smell, feel, or taste.

    By His Grace.

  2. i like it

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