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Today was a totally beautiful day on the coast.  As I stood on the walkway, leaning over the rails, I watched the waves rolling in past the pier.  They would hit each of the cement pilings and build up, crashing, splashing, rolling until their final crash on the beach.  Just the tiniest breath of wind hit my face.  The sun was shining brightly in a cloudless sky, and the waves rolled on and on, crashing and splashing.

I looked at the waves and wondered: Did that water crash on some other beach?  Perhaps that water traveled from Hawaii, with its beautiful beaches, tropical trees, and volcanos.  Did that water happen to lap up on the beach in Negombo, Sri Lanka, where I was in 2007?  Did Sinhalese fishermen watch the water as it flowed on their beach, not knowing it would make a journey most of the world away, to crash at the feet of someone who had been on that same beach?

My fancy continued.  Was there a drop in those waves that had been high in the sky over the Andes?  And had slowly made its way back down the long trek to the ocean, to join other drops, to finally make its way to California, to crash at my feet on the beach this morning?

I seem like a drop in the ocean sometimes.  Just one little drop among so many others. Who notices where I go and what I see and who comes with me?  And where will this drop go next?  Where will that drop I saw this morning go next?  Maybe I will see it again.

Posted November 13, 2010 by Maureen in Musings

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