Word Tennis, anyone? The Score: Love-Zero   Leave a comment

For those who have tried (or are doing) internet dating, you can probably relate to this.

I am on two free sites.  On one of the sites you can scroll through pictures/profiles and pick “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe” if you would want to meet the person.  It is a really impersonal, totally judgemental way to decide as you can go through probably 5 profiles in 10 seconds, allowing you to make snap decisions and judgements on a person. 

If I am picked as a “Yes” from someone I get a message from this site saying, “__________ wants to meet you!” and I’m provided a link.  If I am also interested then I can message the person.

I have chosen “Yes” on a bunch of profiles, and there have been a few of those who have said “Yes” back to me.  On three of them I have sent emails.  And I got — nothin’.  Go figure.

Yesterday I was “Chosen!” by a man in New Jersey.  I checked his profile — not bad.  Nice picture.  I wrote a short note. He wrote back.  He thanked me for my note, and answered my question. That was it.  About three sentences.  Oookkaaayyyyy.  So, thinking to be polite, I wrote back.  I answered his comment and added some more, then asked another question (“Have you ever been to California?”). 

He wrote back, answering my question with some factual bits without adding anything.  That’s it.  AAARRRGGGG  How am I supposed to carry on a conversation with this man when he gives me nothing to go on?  If he’s not interested after all he just needs to not respond.  That’s the way nowadays.  Just stop talking to the person.  Has happened to me more times than I can count.

But if you do want to know me, if you do want to talk…… give me something to go on for crying out loud!  You say something, I say something back.  That’s word tennis.  It goes back and forth.  I sure would like it if the score were something besides Love-Zero.

Posted November 12, 2010 by Maureen in Being Single, Musings

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