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I was accused of being bitter recently, and of not knowing all the facts.  Ironically, a few emails later, the same person did the same thing with a reply I made: showed bitterness and a lack of knowing all the facts.

It got me thinking: am I bitter?  I have been around bitter people and I do NOT like to be around them.  I avoid them.  There is also the stereotype of an older (read: middle-aged) lady becoming bitter as she gets older and is still not married.  I have never wanted to be that person.  I have never wanted to be so desperate and needy that I felt incomplete and unfulfilled without a husband.  That way leads to anger and bitterness and depression.  I never wanted that for myself.

So I thought I was keeping an eye out for that and was not going that route.  When he pretended to pity me because he thought I was bitter, it made me stop and think.  AM I bitter?  Was my reply bitter?

Ummmmmm.  No.  The fact is I am NOT bitter.  I don’t feel bitterness, even towards the man I just recently broke up with.  Anger at myself and even him, yes.  That will go away in time.  I don’t believe I am bitter.  I do have a harder time trusting, though.  I have met so very many liars and devious people in my life.  But bitter I am not.  I did think seriously about his words, but I know myself well enough to say: I am not bitter.  I am many other things, but not that. 

I’ll leave that table that is ready for someone else, thank you.

Posted November 9, 2010 by Maureen in Being Single, Musings

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