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A Haiku is a kind of poem.  It is three lines, unrhymed.  The first with five syllables, the second with seven, and the third with five.  The object is to evoke emotions, sights, smells, sounds with the few words you use, blending the syllables and words carefully to get your meaning across.

You can find lots of good Haiku on the web.  Many many people are good at it.  I am not.  But — sometimes I get inspired and they just flow.  So here are some Haikus I wrote about the ocean, a daily inspiration for me.

Good morning ocean
Crashing sparkling foaming waves
Blue green – I greet you

Morning sun on water
Dashing sparkling crashing sea
Pushing up on shore

Wind blows, waves toss, froth
High waves, foam froths hissing waves
Dark sand, grey sky, cold 

Waves on rock

Calm sea, grey above
Silent waves – calm before storm
Watch; wait; surfers bob 

Calm in the morning
My reflection in the water
Grey clouds filtered light

Joy in the morning
Seeing ocean waves and sand
Waves crashing on rocks

Sunlight thru the clouds
Piercing, lighting up water
All else is blue grey

Sun on waves and sand

Cold wet wind blowing
High waves frothy white on top
Surfers lined up, wait

Setting sun hits water
Wide column of red water
Goodbye day; night comes

Colors of ocean
Greens, blues, grey combinations
Every day different

My ocean colors
Always and never changing
Blue, green, grey; light, dark

Posted October 29, 2010 by Maureen in Poems

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