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I live on the coast, so we have fog.  I lived inland for many years and rarely got fog, and I missed it the whole time.  I love all the different kinds of fog.  I love fog in the morning; I love fog in the evening.  I grew up with fog every day so I am used to it, and it is nice to be back to it. 

Sometimes I am inspired to write poems.  Don’t expect much!  I am not a good poet, but when one comes it usually just flows right out with few edits, and when that happens I just go with it, rather than worry too much how ‘good’ it is.  So here are two for you.  The second is a haiku, which I just started writing about a year ago.


The fog lies softly
Floating over the water
long, thin, stretched.
The hills peep from behind
the water shimmers below
The fog hovers, keeping
hills and water separate
Softly it floats
with white wisps it hovers
pleasing the eye with mystery


Grey on grey fog creeps
Concrete and mists swirl and eddy
Parking in BART today

Posted October 20, 2010 by Maureen in Poems

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