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Relationships come, relationships go.  Relationships change, relationships grow.

Ha!  I rhymed there – totally by accident.  I’m a poet and I don’t know it. Ha!  Did it again!  Ok, but seriously folks…..  for the past three years I have been looking for a husband.  I did this after lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots) of thought and prayer.  A lot of thought and prayer.  Have I mentioned I prayed about it?  So, I started looking, mostly online.  I’ve tried a bunch of sites — I won’t mention them here.  I’ve met a LOT of men.

But that saga is for another post.  This one is about a relationship I’m currently in that is …. growing, evolving, changing.  Will it last?  Only God knows at this point.  Will it lead to marriage, my heart’s desire?  Only God knows.  Circumstances and people will have to change for marriage to happen.  Which I believe God is 100% capable of doing.

Relationships hurt.  Relationships make us examine and look at ourself.  Relationships change and morph and grow and shrink.  I like relationships.

Posted October 7, 2010 by Maureen in Being Single

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  1. Im sure everything will work out for you with God on your side. Maybe you should check out my site, it all about how to keep your relationship healthy

  2. Wow Maureen! that was nicely written! I pray things are working out.
    I have written a tone of things (including my true love story) that relate to where you are. I hope you can read my story and be inspierd. i know what it is to desire and pray!
    Have an awesome day! (going to read more of your stuff)

  3. Oh my, sister. You don’t have to go on a hunt for the one. When you’re ready, meaning you no longer care if your prince comes or not because you’re so in love with the King, Jesus, is when he’ll come galloping into your life. You won’t need to look. In the perfect time, like a perfect romance, he will come. Trust me. It happened to me. You don’t want to choose the guy, and you most certainly don’t want to marry the wrong one. So trust God. Seek God with more passion than you’ve had for any future husbands, and He will gift you by bringing the man to you, and then you can even pray for confirmation, and God will confirm to you, this is the one! I encourage you to check out my blog, because I’m all about waiting for the one. God loves you, trust me He has a perfect timing and a perfect man for you. Even though I knew almost immediately that my husband Jonathan was the one, I still prayed and asked for several confirmations and my did God let me know, “Yes! He is the one I planned for you to marry!” My husband is perfect for me. We have the same ministry: writing and film, I think he’s the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen, he loves Jesus, and is strong in the areas that I’m weak. Please wait on God, and if you’re not sure the guy you’re with is the one, please take a few steps back. If the mn is truly a man of God he will understand that you just want to make sure you are honoring God. Breakups hurt, so don’t get involved unless you’re CERTAIN God wants you to.

    • Thank you for writing. I appreciate you sharing with me, and sharing your blog.

      I can’t agree with all that you wrote. I don’t believe God wants us to us just sit back and pray as we wait or our future husband or wife. I believe God will give us His guidance and discernment as we prayfully seek for the man or woman He has for us.

      I have known (and know) too many people who have truly prayed and waited and sought, only to still be single 10, 15, 20 years later. So, I can’t agree with your statement that “in the perfect time, he’ll come galloping into your life”. It simply does not work that way for everyone. Can it work that way? Can God do that? Absolutely! Does He do that with everyone? Absolutely not. And to tell single people something along the lines of “all you have to do is wait, pray, and seek God with all your heart, and the ONE YOU WANT, the ONE GOD HAS FOR YOU will come galloping around the corner” is cruel, untrue, and leads to all kinds of doubts and fears and turning away from God.

      I speak from personal experience, from knowing good Christian men and women who struggle with “what is WRONG with them” — as people and as Christians — because they are still single. I would encourage you to use language along the lines of “Keep your own relationship with God right. Pray, read your Bible, and use your gifts and talents God has given you. Seek his discernment and guidance as you seek the man or woman He has for you. Don’t give up, and in the meantime grow in your faith and maturity.”

      I rejoice with you that God has brought a wonderful man into your life, and I do agree with you that we have to be careful to make sure we are accepting and fall in love with the true man or woman God sends us. It takes time and discernment to discover that.

      • Yes it does. But I will still lovingly disagree my sister. I think you do have to be involved with the church, in service, seeking the Lord and growing, and as you do that, as you remain connected and just walk in His will for your life, your spouse will be placed in your path.

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