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Contrary to the title…. I’m not sharing my secrets.  But I have been thinking lately of a bulletin board post I saw recently. I have a profile on a free Christian dating web site.  Part of the site are chat rooms, which I never go into.  I’ve tried it a couple of times, and there are so many people coming and going and “Hi’s” and “Byes” that you can’t carry on a conversation with anyone.  They also have a Chat Forum, which is essentially a big bulletin board, as in the olden days of computers.

The Forum is divided into sections such as “Ask a Guy” “Ask a Girl” “Dating Advice” “Biblical Discussion” and so forth.  You click on a topic, such as “Ask a Girl” and see a list of posts people have posted.  These can be questions (mostly), rants, raves, or just a long dialoge on something they want people to see.  You can click the post and see the details, and post your own response.  Or just read what’s there.  Sometimes there is heated debate between people on a topic.  Other times there is thoughtful discussion.  There is flirting (it is a dating web site) and friendly banter and teasing. 

A man posted something on the “Ask a Girl” link that I’ve been thinking about since it was posted.  His question, inviting comment and responses, was “What goes on when know one else knows?” 

People posted things like crying, eating too much, watching reality TV.  Some of it was quite personal. 

I never wanted to respond on that post.  I don’t want people to know what no one else knows.  I keep some things private and don’t want to share.  Especially with strangers that are all over the world.  There are lots more readers than posters on each of those Forum topics, so you just never know who will read what you wrote.  Oh, no.  Not sharin’ that.  Uh huh.  No thanks. 

Ok, here is just one thing.  Sometimes, when there is the correct music on and there is no one else around…….. no one knows that I dance furiously and vigorously to the music.  I look like a total dork, I’m sure, and my rhythm is off and I have no moves at all.  But I like doing it and no one sees, so it doesn’t matter.  There.  Now you know one secret about me.

Posted October 5, 2010 by Maureen in Being Single, Randomness

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