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I love the moon.  I love to see it in all its phases, but especially when it is full.  I used to have a job where I would start work at 4:00am, and for three years I would search out the moon in the sky as I drove to work.  At that time I was in Washington State, and the sight of the full moon hanging over the Olympic Mountains, on those rare time when there weren’t clouds obscuring it, were truly breath-taking.  I used to have a fancy that the moon watched me from up high and followed me until I got to work.

Last week I drove home from work about almost two hours later than usual.  Consequently I was able to see the sunset and the equinox full moon.

As I drove I could catch glimpses of the western and eastern horizons.  The sun had set, but only just.  The sky was lit up all orange and reds and yellows, and those colors were streaked across the deep blue ocean, smooth all the way to the horizon.  The sky was blue, shading to darker blue up higher. 

In the east, the full moon had risen and was shining bright.  Clouds obscured it at times, chasing each other across its face as it hung in the sky.  The clouds seemed to play peek-a-boo with the moon as it rose slowly in the east.  Sometimes obscuring, sometimes revealing, sometimes drawing back all together to reveal the whole bright shining disk.  The moon continued her dance up and across the sky, seemingly not to notice the play of the clouds, shining brightly through them and always revealing her position.  The colors in the western sky darkened slowly and the blue sky turned slowly, slowly black. 

As I parked in the driveway and got out of the car I took one more look up at the sky, saying goodnight to the moon and thanking the God who made it and set it to its dance for seeing me safely home.


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  1. I seem to catch myself staring up at the moon all the time. Sometimes I’ll stare so long ill be in a trance. I like this post I thought I was the only person who really likes to look at the moon

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