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First. Such a nice word. “My first”. Even better. “Never done that before”. Exciting! “Let me try something new”. Kinda scary. But not.

I was walking along the San Francisco Bay after work today and walked past a small, roughly triangle-shaped piece of land that had short grasses and probably wild flowers growing in it. I did not see any footpaths or animals paths through it. It reminded me of an old story idea that I never did anything with. I got the idea while driving and saw the medians along the freeway. Sometimes on one side or the other; sometimes in the middle. For the story I would mean the bigger ones in the middle, with trees and even sometimes you can walk there and not be seen from the road. Wouldn’t it be great to write a story about a world that exists there?

Medianworld. And there would be little people who lived there and had adventures and a whole culture and a religion about the vehicles whoosing by at such great speeds. Medianites. Mites for short. They would fight off the hawks and other predators that swooped down to catch the small animals that were their friends. They would build underground towns (not cities) and live simply. There would be brave ones among them who would venture out to the edge, daring the whoosing terrors. Lots of possibilities there.

It was only a glance to the side as I walked by that small patch of grassland next to the trail, but the echos of possibilities are still bouncing around in my mind.

Posted September 28, 2010 by Maureen in Musings

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